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Nov 26 2013

Libertarian and former lawmaker Charles Earl running for Ohio governor aims to reduce personal, business taxes to ‘zero’

Source: Libertarian Party (

Charles Earl, a former Republican representative in the Ohio General Assembly who switched his party affiliation to Libertarian in 2010, is running for governor in Ohio in 2014 to advance personal freedom and constitutional government.

Earl told the Sandusky Register, “We aim to reduce business and corporate taxes to ‘zero.’ Therefore, no large corporate Read more »

Nov 06 2013

Green Party Members Win Many Non-Partisan Elections

Source: Ballot Access News

On November 5, 2013, Green Party members won these non-partisan elections: Anna Trevorrow to the Portland, Maine, School Board; Josh Plourde to the Bangor, Maine, city council; Cam Gordon to the Minneapolis city council; and Brian Cummins to the Cleveland, Ohio, city council. Also, Green Party members won 16 non-partisan local races in Read more »

Apr 28 2013

Libertarian Party of Arkansas and Ohio State Conventions Held This Weekend

Source: Independent Political Report

Forwarded from the State Chairs email list:

The LPAR had a very successful convention yesterday in Little Rock.

We elected a new Executive Committee to serve for the next two years. After much though, I made the very difficult decision to step down as Chairman and take over the role of Secretary in our party, primarily due to the time constraints of my career Read more »

Apr 25 2013

Gary Johnson Says Ohio Is Best Organized LP Affiliate In Nation

Source: Independent Political Report

Thanks to Brad Lowry for sending in this information – KL.

This link should bring you exactly to the point in the video, if not, jump to 53m49s.

“We had the pleasure of meeting you at the Libertarian Party convention in Columbus, Ohio.” Read more »

Mar 16 2013

Region 3 Report To LNC

Source: Independent Political Report

Region 3 Report

Submitted by Jillian A. Mack

Too long to post as an article, so here is the link to the pdf:

Region 3 Report 2013-03-16

Mar 05 2013

Ohio Omnibus Election Law Bill

Source: Ballot Access News

The Ohio Secretary of State’s omnibus election law bill, SB 47, has a few provisions that impact ballot access. The bill repeals the ban on out-of-state circulators, for all types of petition. The only remaining requirement for a circulator would be that the circulator is at least 18 years old.

However, it makes it somewhat more difficult for initiatives and referendum to appear Read more »

Jan 31 2013

Ohio Secretary of State Says Four Minor Parties are on Ballot for 2013

Source: Ballot Access News

On January 31, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted issued a directive stating that the Constitution, Green, Libertarian, and Socialist Parties are still on the ballot in Ohio, for calendar year 2013. There aren’t many partisan elections in Ohio in 2013, but a few cities have partisan elections. Also it is always possible that the state will have special U.S. House or state legislative elections in 2013, should a vacancy arise. Read more »

Dec 10 2012

Ohio Releases Official Vote; Newly Counted Provisional Ballots Strongly Helped Obama, and to a Lesser Extent, Also Helped Johnson

Source: Ballot Access News

On December 10, Ohio’s Secretary of State released the official election returns. The difference in vote totals from the official vote count, and the votes counted on election night, are for the most part the provisional ballots, which take a long time to count. Comparing the election night totals with the final totals suggest that provisional ballots strongly helped President Obama, and also slightly boosted Gary Johnson. Read more »

Nov 12 2012

Mitt Romney Received Zero Votes in Nine Precincts in Cleveland

Source: Ballot Access News

According to this story, Mitt Romney received zero votes in nine precincts in Cleveland, Ohio. In seven of those precincts, though, some minor party or independent presidential candidates received votes. Thanks to Jim Goodluck for the link.

Also, in Hill County, Montana, precinct #28, which seems to be entirely or almost entirely on a Chippewa Cree reservation, the vote for President was: Obama 552, Gary Johnson 8, Mitt Romney 2. The U.S. Read more »

Nov 05 2012

Libertarian Johnson could be key to who wins White House

Source: The Washington Times (via Libertarian Party)

He still doesn’t get much attention from the mainstream media, but Libertarian presidential candidate Gary E. Johnson could be the key to who wins the White House on Tuesday — especially if he takes votes away from Barack Obama or Mitt Romney in Ohio or Colorado.

One recent CNN poll has Mr. Johnson, a former New Mexico governor, with 5 percent of the vote in Ohio.

Who that ultimately helps or hurts in the crucial swing state remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: Read more »


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