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Apr 22 2013

Minor Parties Start Working on 2014 Ballot Access Drives

Source: Ballot Access News

In a few states, various parties are working on getting on the 2014 ballot. The Libertarian Party has begun its Hawaii petition, and has approximately 150 signatures. The requirement is 706 signatures. The Constitution Party is working to obtain 1,000 registered members in Louisiana, and believes it now has 130. The Green Parties of Arizona and Nevada are also working on registration drives. The Nevada Read more »

Apr 16 2013

Joshua Fauver Announces Bid For Louisiana House of Representatives As A Constitution Party Candidate

Source: Independent Political Report

April 16th, 2013. Press release from the campaign:

Joshua Fauver of Vidalia, Louisiana has recently announced his candidacy for Louisiana State Representative for district 21 and will be running on the Constitution Party ticket. Though born in Natchez, Mississippi Joshua has spent his entire life in Vidalia. A graduate of Vidalia High School Joshua is currently studying history at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. At just 19 he has already Read more »

Mar 16 2013

Region 7 Report To LNC

Source: Independent Political Report

Region 7 Report.
Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas.
March 16-17, 2013.
By Gary Johnson and Paulie Frankel.

The Libertarian Party of Alabama will hold its next state convention on Saturday, June Read more »

Mar 02 2013

Libertarian Party looking for foothold in New Orleans, Jefferson

Source: (via Independent Political Report)

The Libertarian Party, a minority political party that advocates shrinking the size of government, will form its first executive committees in Orleans and Jefferson parishes in the coming weeks.

Wendy Adams, who the party hired in September as its executive director, said membership in Louisiana grew by more than 50 percent in the last year, a trend sparked Read more »

Jan 25 2013

New Louisiana Registration Tally

Source: Ballot Access News

Randall Hayes’ blog The Bald Cypress has an informative post about the new Louisiana registration tally compared to the old one. Because the state purged inactive voters, the total number of registered voters in the state declined. The only qualified party that gained registrants between the old tally and the new tally is the Libertarian Party. Among the parties attempting to qualify, the only one that gained registrations is the Conservative Party, which is now over half-way toward meeting the 1,000-member Read more »

Dec 01 2012

Libertarian Party of Louisiana Making Progress

Source: Independent Political Report

by Reed Ebarb, Secretary and Acting Treasurer. Libertarian Party of Louisiana
Sent to LP News and myself:

The Libertarian Party of Louisiana has seen large increases across the board this year. We have hired an executive director to handle day to day operations. The number of registered Libertarians in Louisiana has increased by more than 42% and that number continues to increase. Our revenues since Read more »

Sep 08 2012

Louisiana Will Have Eleven Presidential Candidates on the Ballot

Source: Ballot Access News

Louisiana will have eleven presidential candidates on the ballot. They are the nominees of the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, Green, Constitution, Justice, Prohibition Parties; also three Socialist Parties, the Socialist Workers, Socialist Equality, and Party for Socialism and Liberation.

In addition, Louisiana ballots will carry the ticket of Sheila “Samm” Tittle & Matt Turner. Their ballot label is “We the People.” The ticket also petitioned in Mississippi, but it is not known if it attained ballot status Read more »

Sep 05 2012

Prohibition Party Places Presidential Nominee on Louisiana Ballot

Source: Ballot Access News

The Louisiana Secretary of State’s web page shows that the Prohibition Party has placed its presidential nominee, Jack Fellure, on the ballot. The party label will be printed on the ballot. Louisiana is apparently the only state in which he will be listed.

The web page also shows that the Republican, Libertarian, Constitution, and Party for Socialism and Liberation have also placed their presidential nominees on the ballot. The deadline is Friday, September Read more »

Sep 03 2012

Louisiana’s Top-Two System Appears to Have Injured the New Alliance Party

Source: Ballot Access News

The New Alliance Party was the nation’s most successful “left” party during the period 1986-1993. It placed its presidential nominee on the ballot in all 50 states in 1988, and in 40 states in 1992. It qualified for over $900,000 in primary season matching funds in 1988, and $2,100,000 in 1992. It had offices, or candidates for local office, or both, in 36 states during those years. It elected a state legislator in Nebraska in 1988. Read more »

Sep 02 2012

Twenty States Still Don’t Know Which Presidential Candidates Will Appear on November Ballot

Source: Ballot Access News

The presidential ballot is still not settled in twenty states. States in which the deadline for independent or minor party presidential candidates to file lies in the future are Alabama, Arizona, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Rhode Island.

States in which the deadline has passed, and in which certain parties have submitted petitions, but the petitions haven’t been checked yet, are Connecticut, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Wyoming (the only Read more »


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