Category: Independent Party of Delaware

Jul 17 2012

Delaware Independent Party Nominates Alex Pires for U.S. Senate, Declines to Nominate Anyone for President

Source: Ballot Access News

On Sunday, July 15, the ballot-qualified Independent Party of Delaware held its state convention in Bridgeville. It nominated Alex Pires for U.S. Senate, but declined to nominate anyone for President. Rocky Anderson had sought the presidential nomination. In 2008, the Independent Party had nominated Ralph Nader for President.

Pires, the U.S. Senate nominee, had already collected 9,200 signatures to be an independent Read more »

Jan 13 2012

Delaware Minor Party Requirement Now Known Exactly

Source: Ballot Access News

Political parties in Delaware may be ballot-qualified in 2012 if they have at least 608 registered members. The law requires registration of one-tenth of 1% of the state total, as of December 31, 2011. The registration data for that date is now known.

Besides the Democratic and Republican Parties, the only parties that currently Read more »


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