Nov 06 2013

Pennsylvania Statewide 2014 Petition Likely to be Only About 17,000 Signatures

Source: Ballot Access News

The number of signatures needed for statewide minor party and independent candidates in Pennsylvania in 2014 depends on the number of votes cast in the November 5, 2013 election, for Judge of the Superior Court. The formula is 2% of the winning candidate’s vote, for the statewide partisan candidate with the largest vote total.

There was only one partisan statewide judicial election on November 5, 2013, for Superior Court Judge. The Republican nominee, Vic Stabile, won with only 51%. When all the votes are counted, it appears he will only have polled about 850,000 votes, so the 2014 statewide petition will be only 17,000. That is the lowest number required in Pennsylvania since 1970. Low turnout out in the November 5, 2013 election is a major part of the reason for the low 2014 requirement.

Pennsylvania quadrupled the petition requirement in 1971. Before 1971 it was one-half of 1% of the winner’s vote. Thanks to Ken Krawchuk for this news.


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