Apr 28 2013

Reform Party Petitioning for Ballot Access in New York, Utah and Florida

Source: Reform Party

For Immediate Release – The Reform Party of the United States of America affiliates in New York and Utah are currently petitioning for ballot access. No Reform Party affiliate has successfully petitioned for access since the 2004 election cycle. Currently it is on the ballot in Florida and Louisiana, two states that do not require petitions for access.

In Utah, the petitioning process is being led by Jaime Dives, the Chairwoman of the affiliate. She attempted to petition for access last year, but did not have the resources to collect the appropriate number of signatures. Since then, she has been able to strengthen the organization and acquire additional resources she can use for the current attempt.

“The ranks of the two major parties are beholden to special interests, and have chosen to ignore the voices of the American people. Members of the Reform Party, a nationally recognized party, are collecting signatures to obtain ballot access in Utah. Our goal is to run ethical candidates who do not accept special interest money, will truly represent their constituents, and will inject some much-needed common sense into our local and national government,” said Jaime Dives.

In New York, the Reform Party is making its first attempt at ballot access. It will be difficult however, because New York ballot access laws require independent and third party candidates to collect three times the amount of signatures as those running on ballot lines held by established parties. If successful, they can place Carl Person, Reform Party’s candidate for Mayor New York City, on the ballot for the 2013 elections.

Despite having ballot access in Florida, candidates still need to pay for ballot access or collect petition for signatures. Candidate for Florida’s Second District, Cleave Drummond, has collected ten percent of the signatures necessary for ballot access. He will be petitioning at local events that are yet to be determined.


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