Apr 25 2013

New York City Independence Party Wants Wilson-Pakula Law Repealed for Large Parties but Preserved for Small Parties

Source: Ballot Access News

The New York City Independence Party has issued recommendations for election law changes in New York state. See them here. The party recommends that the Wilson-Pakula Law be repealed for large political parties such as the Democratic and Republican Parties, but preserved for smaller qualified parties. The Wilson-Pakula law gives party county chairs the power to decide whether a non-member of a party may run in that party’s primary.

The New York City Independent Party also wants non-partisan elections for city office, and says non-partisan elections would reduce corruption. The document does not acknowledge that an objective study of corruption among big cities in the U.S. recently determined that Chicago is the most corrupt large city in the United States, and that Chicago has non-partisan elections for all city office. Thanks to Mike Drucker for the link.

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