Apr 22 2013

Minor Parties Start Working on 2014 Ballot Access Drives

Source: Ballot Access News

In a few states, various parties are working on getting on the 2014 ballot. The Libertarian Party has begun its Hawaii petition, and has approximately 150 signatures. The requirement is 706 signatures. The Constitution Party is working to obtain 1,000 registered members in Louisiana, and believes it now has 130. The Green Parties of Arizona and Nevada are also working on registration drives. The Nevada requirement is either 9,738 signatures or 9,738 registrations. The state won’t tally how many Greens there are until and unless they get enough. The Arizona requirement cannot be known exactly but it will probably be approximately 22,000 registrants and Greens have approximately 5,200 registrants.

Arkansas requires 10,000 signatures, but they must all be collected in any 90-day period of the party’s choice. Both the Libertarian Party and the Green Party are raising money and getting organized so that they can do their drives during the last three months of 2013.

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