Apr 20 2013

Reform Party Statement on Events in Boston

Source: Reform Party

On April 15th, a terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon left three people dead and one hundred eighty three injured. Later incidents with the attackers left one police officer dead, and another wounded. Now that the suspects have been found, it is time to shift our focus to those affected by these attacks.

For the families who suffered as a result of this week’s events, the capture or death of the perpetrators is not the end of the story. Many have suffered life changing injuries including lost limbs and shrapnel wounds. Others will face emotional scars from this traumatic event and the loss of loved ones.

Many reputable charities are currently helping the victims, and are in need of capital and other resources, and we urge those that can to donate whatever they can. One very credible charity is www.onefundboston.org.


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