Jan 01 2013

Presidential Vote Totals

Source: Ballot Access News

Because New York State released its official November 2012 vote tally, the presidential results are virtually complete. Totals appear to be: Barack Obama 65,899,557; Mitt Romney 60,931,959; Gary Johnson 1,275,559; Jill Stein 466,877; Virgil Goode 122,106; Roseanne Barr 67,349; Rocky Anderson 42,518; Tom Hoefling 40,113; Randall Terry 13,104; Richard Duncan 12,543; Peta Lindsay and her stand-in Gloria LaRiva 9,300; Chuck Baldwin 5,017; Will Christensen 4,453; Stewart Alexander 4,430; Tom Stevens 4,302; James Harris 4,116; Jim Carlson 3,149; Jill Reed 2,916; Merlin Miller 2,715; Samm Tittle 2,571; Jerry White 1,279; Dean Morstad 1,093; Jerry Litzel 1,027; Jeffrey Boss 1,024; Barbara Washer 1,016; Andre Barnett 938; Jack Fellure 518. The Freedom Socialist candidate, Stephen Durham, wasn’t on the ballot anywhere but received 115 write-ins.

This list includes everyone who was on the ballot in at least one state. There were other individuals besides Stephen Durham who weren’t on the ballot in any state but who filed for write-in status in some states, but their vote has not been tabulated here.

By the evening of January 1, 2013, the December 1, 2012 print edition of Ballot Access News will probably be posted here, and even though normally past print issues are not updated, in this case, that issue will be updated to include the vote for president by state for each candidate.

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