Apr 30 2012

Gary Johnson Recommends that Libertarian Party Nominate Former Judge Jim Gray for Vice-President

Source: Ballot Access News

On April 30, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who is widely expected to be the Libertarian Party presidential nominee this year, endorsed former California Superior Court Judge Jim Gray for the Libertarian Party’s vice-presidential nomination. Gray was appointed to the Superior Court in 1989 by California Governor George Deukmejian, and served as a Judge until 2010. Gray had previously served as a Municipal Court Judge in Santa Ana, California. In 2004, when Gray was the party’s U.S. Senate nominee in 2004, he took a leave of absence. Gray polled 216,522 votes for U.S. Senate in 2004. His best showing was in Mendocino County, where he polled 5.2%. Here is Gray’s wiki page. He is age 67.

On other Libertarian presidential campaign news, Wes Benedict and Arthur DiBianca, two Texas Libertarians, have founded the “Libertarian Action Super PAC”, also known as LASPAC. It has already received $100,000 in contributions, and plans to make independent expenditures to promote the Libertarian presidential ticket. Donations to such committees are unlimited, as long as the committee does not coordinate with the candidate.

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