Nov 04 2011

Indiana City Re-prints November 2011 Ballots to Correct Error in Order of Candidates

Source: Ballot Access News

Greenwood, Indiana, holds partisan city elections on November 8, 2011. The only office on the ballot is Mayor. The ballot contains three candidates: Republican Mark W. Myers; Libertarian Jeff Spoonamore; and independent candidate David A. Payne. The Johnson County Election Board, which handles ballot-printing for Greenwood, originally printed the ballots showing Spoonamore on the bottom. However, Indiana election law says the nominees of qualified parties should appear on the general election ballot ahead of independent candidates.

Some Greenwood voters who are not members of the Libertarian Party complained, so the election board reprinted the ballots, so that the new ballots list Spoonamore second. Here is a story about the mayoral race, although it doesn’t mention the ballot order issue. But the story shows a picture of the three candidates, who debated each other on November 1. Thanks to Mark Rutherford for the news.

Greenwood is a rapidly-growing city of 50,000, just south of Indianapolis.

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