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Apr 16 2013

Constitution Party of Wyoming Stands Against Federal Monopolization of Education

Source: Independent Political Report

MESSAGE FROM THE NATIONAL CHAIRMAN: Wyoming, Sign the Petition to Suspend SF-104 and Defeat Common Core

The Wyoming Constitution Party, under the leadership of state party chairman Jennifer Young, is moving forward on a huge referendum drive to repeal SF 104, the “Education/Superintendent of Public Instruction bill.” The legislation and the Read more »

Apr 03 2013

Country Party Will Use Wyoming Independent Candidate Petition Procedure in Future Elections

Source: Ballot Access News

The Country Party, which was on the ballot only in Wyoming in 2012, and which concentrated on state legislative races, has decided that it will not attempt to re-petition in 2014 as a party. However, it is likely that some of the party’s activists and past candidates will run for the legislature in 2014 as independent candidates. The independent petition requirement for legislative races is typically Read more »

Mar 16 2013

Region 1 Report to LNC

Source: Independent Political Report

Region 1 Report

Submitted by Norm Olsen
March 10, 2013

This report is submitted to the national office on March 10, 2013 as required for inclusion in the meeting information binders distributed at Libertarian National Committee meetings. Errors, omissions, and/or additional reports received prior to the Read more »

Mar 02 2013

Wyoming Constitution Party Will Try to Collect 37,606 Valid Signatures for a Referendum on Education Policy

Source: Ballot Access News

The Wyoming Constitution Party will try to collect 37,606 valid signatures on a referendum petition. The signatures are due May 28. No referendum petition has succeeded in Wyoming since 1996. The party opposes a bill that weakened the power of the state’s elected Superintendent of Public Instruction. See this story. If the party succeeds with the petition, then the law is suspended until the voters vote on it. Read more »

Feb 07 2013

All Interesting Wyoming Election Law Bills Fail to Pass

Source: Ballot Access News

Election law bills in Wyoming that would have made interesting substantive changes have failed to pass by the necessary deadline. SF 108 would have switched Wyoming to a top-two open primary system. HB 96 would have made it easier for a party to remain ballot-qualified. HB 141 would have prevented members of one party from switching their party registration on primary day so as to vote in another party’s primary, although it would have retained the ability of independent voters to switch to Read more »

Jan 28 2013

Wyoming Ballot Access Bill Advances

Source: Ballot Access News

On January 28, the Wyoming House Revenue Committee passed HB 96, which makes it easier for a party to remain on the ballot. It now goes to the House floor. Current law requires a party to meet the 2% vote test every two years. The bill says that a party only must meet the vote test every four years. Thanks to Don Wills for the information, and also for his hard work bring the bill into existence.

Click here to read Ballot Access News comments on this article

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Jan 09 2013

Wyoming State Senate President Opens Legislative Session with an Attack on “Fringe Parties”

Source: Ballot Access News

The Wyoming legislature convened on January 8. According to this news story, the President of the Wyoming Senate, Tony Ross (R-Cheyenne) addressed the Senate with a speech, and in that speech he “deplored the emergence of fringe parties with extreme agendas that have an attack-only strategy.”

The parties with candidates on the ballot in Wyoming last year were Republican, Democratic, Libertarian (all of which are long-established in Wyoming), and two parties that appeared on the ballot Read more »

Jan 08 2013

Ballot Access Bill Introduced in Wyoming

Source: Ballot Access News

On January 8, two Wyoming legislators introduced HB 96, which makes it easier for a party to remain ballot-qualified. The bill says that when a party meets the vote test, it is then qualified for the next two elections, not just the next election. The sponsors are Representative Kendell Kroeker (R-Evansville) and Senator Cale Case (R-Lander).

This idea is especially relevant to Wyoming, because unlike a majority of states, not every statewide Read more »

Jan 02 2013

Wyoming Constitution Party preps for better showing in 2014

Source: Billings Gazette (via Ballot Access News)

CASPER, Wyo. — At the chairman’s call for opposition voices, Linda Bergeron was first to the lectern.

She cleared her throat.

“In looking this over, it looked like it was federal funding, is that correct?” Bergeron asked.

Commissioners conferred. A Wyoming Business Council representative offered input. Verdict? Yes. Federal dollars would, indeed, fund the grant application up for approval by the Natrona County Read more »

Nov 28 2012

Casper, Wyoming Star-Tribune Article on Wyoming Ballot Access

Source: Ballot Access News

The Casper, Wyoming Star-Tribune has this article about Wyoming’s restrictive ballot access laws. The article focuses on the plight of the Country Party, which went off the ballot even though it polled 2.5% for U.S. Senate. The vote test for a party to remain ballot-qualified is 2%, but in presidential years, the only office that counts is the U.S. House race, and the Country Party did not poll as much as 2% for that office. Read more »


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