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Apr 28 2013

Reform Party Petitioning for Ballot Access in New York, Utah and Florida

Source: Reform Party

For Immediate Release – The Reform Party of the United States of America affiliates in New York and Utah are currently petitioning for ballot access. No Reform Party affiliate has successfully petitioned for access since the 2004 election cycle. Currently it is on the ballot in Florida and Louisiana, two states that do not require petitions for access. Read more »

Mar 16 2013

Region 1 Report to LNC

Source: Independent Political Report

Region 1 Report

Submitted by Norm Olsen
March 10, 2013

This report is submitted to the national office on March 10, 2013 as required for inclusion in the meeting information binders distributed at Libertarian National Committee meetings. Errors, omissions, and/or additional reports received prior to the Read more »

Mar 08 2013

National IAP Chairman invites the Constitution Party and others to ‘IAM Summit’

Source: Independent Third Party News & Views

“To Frank Fluckiger, Randall Stufflebeam, Janine Hansen, and other State & National Libertarian & Constitution Party Leaders,

“I commend you for your patriotism and hard work in trying to overcome the duopoly of the 2-Party system. Your service is recognized.

“You have been a leader in the movement to get our Country back to the original intent Read more »

Mar 05 2013

‘A continuing appeal to all Constitutionalists and Principled-Conservatives’

Source: Independent Third Party News & Views

I’ve recently heard that the National IAP is going to attempt to get on the ballot in Utah, despite the fact that the CP is already on the ballot in that state.

However, despite the personal help and involvement I have given to the National IAP on bipartisan matters, on this I cannot contribute, being that I am a member of the Constitution Party, and the leader of the Clarion Call To Unite Committee, for it Read more »

Jan 22 2013

Justice Party Nominee for Utah Legislature Last Year Carried At Least Eight Precincts

Source: Ballot Access News

Ty Markham, the Justice Party nominee in November 2012 for State House, 73rd district, was in a two-person race with the incumbent Republican, Michael Noel. She polled 28.01% in the district, which contains part or all of six rural counties in the southern end of the state. In Kane County, Markham carried five precincts, three of which are in or near the city of Kanab, and also the precinct that contains Bullfrog. One of the precincts that Markham carried is the precinct in which Noel lives. Read more »

Oct 24 2012

Justice Party Has Two State Legislative Candidates in the U.S. This Year

Source: Ballot Access News

The Justice Party, which is less than a year old, has two state legislative candidate on the ballot this year. One is Ty Markham, running for the Utah State House, 73rd district. That district encompasses southeastern and south central Utah, and is physically the largest state house district in the state. Here is her web page. Here is a newspaper story that explains how she happened to file to run. Here is a story about the debate she participated in. She is the only opponent of the incumbent Republican Read more »

Oct 23 2012

Utah Libertarian Barry Short for State Rep Seeks to Shrink State Regulatory Agencies, Cut Budget

Source: Libertarian Party (

Barry Short relishes the idea of representing the 72nd District in the Utah State House.

“There are a number of Republicans [in the House] who claim to be for free markets, individual liberty, and limited government,” he says. “You’d better believe I’d publicly challenge those representatives to match their votes to their rhetoric.”

If elected, Short plans to immediately reduce the Department of Professional Occupational Licensing Read more »

Aug 17 2012

Only One Presidential Candidate Files in Utah Using the Independent Candidate Procedure

Source: Ballot Access News

The filing deadline for independent presidential petitions has now passed in Utah. The only independent presidential candidate who filed is Gloria LaRiva, the stand-in presidential candidate for the Party for Socialism and Liberation. Utah permits a partisan label for candidates who use the independent procedure.

Qualified parties in Utah are the Democratic, Republican, Constitution, Green, Justice, Libertarian, and Read more »

Jul 01 2012

Link to Utah Primary Results

Source: Ballot Access News

Here is a link to the Utah state elections web page, showing election returns for the June 26 primary. In the Republican presidential primary, the vote so far is: Mitt Romney 93%, Ron Paul 5%, Fred Karger 0.3%, Rick Santorum 2%, Newt Gingrich .5%.

In the Constitution Party gubernatorial primary, the results so far are: Kirk D. Pearson 65%, Brandon W. Nay 35%.

May 28 2012

Constitution Party and Republican Party are Only Parties with Statewide Primary Ballots in Utah This Year

Source: Ballot Access News

The Utah primary, for president and all other office, is June 26. Utah only prints up primary ballots for parties that have at least two candidates for an office. This year, there are no Libertarian primary ballots, no Green Party primary ballots, no Justice Party primary ballots, and no Americans Elect primary ballots, because those parties have no primary contests. Even among Democrats and Republicans, there are few offices on Read more »


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