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Oct 29 2012

Courting the Ron Paul Vote: Libertarian Gary Johnson and Constitution Party Nominee Virgil Goode Make Their Case

Source: Reason (via Independent Political Report)

CHICAGO—Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson of New Mexico and Constitution Party nominee Virgil Goode of Virginia are both looking to scoop up as many disaffected Ron Paul voters as they possibly can on Election Day. During the third party debate here they both made their own unique pitches that would appeal to Paul backers. Goode emphasized his paleoconservative positions on things like trade and immigration while Johnson pushed his libertarian credentials on things like ending the war Read more »

Oct 25 2012

My final decision: Gary Johnson for President of the United States

Source: Daily Paul

After weeks of arguing with myself on whether to write-in Ron Paul or vote for Gary Johnson, I came to a decision I can live with.

Since I wanted my vote to count (in WA State), and since I wanted to send a message to the 2-party strangle-hold on the American political process, I concluded a vote for the Libertarians was the best option. Read more »

Sep 30 2012

Scott Gesty (L) Offers Ron Paul/NORFED Coins As Fundraiser Premiums

Source: Independent Political Report

Scott Gesty, Libertarian Party of Delaware candidate for the US House has announced a new fundraising effort using Ron Paul and NORFED coins as incentives as follows:

Donations of $25 or more will receive a Ron Paul Commemorative Copper Coin.

Donations of $50 or more will receive the Ron Paul Coin AND an authentic copper NORFED Liberty Dollar! Read more »

Sep 28 2012

Is a Vote for Ron Paul a Vote for Obama, or the Product of a Disenfranchised Right?

Source: Huffington Post (via Independent Political Report)

Take a look at an interesting excerpt from Monday’s edition of The Hill:

Ryan was asked why voters should not vote for Ron Paul. The Republican vice presidential candidate responded that a vote for Paul, who ran for the 2012 GOP nomination, would effectively split the vote in a way that helps Obama.

“Do you want Barack Obama to be reelected? Then don’t vote for Ron Paul,” Ryan said during a Read more »

Sep 28 2012

Ron Paul on Presidential Debates: CPD Called on Controversial Third Party Debate Rule

Source: PolicyMic (via Ballot Access News)

In early September, libertarian-leaning Texas congressman and 2012 Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul said on NBC’s The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, “democracy isn’t all that healthy because if you’re in a third party, you don’t get into the debates.”

The statement sparked reactions from pro-democracy groups as well as from the 2012 Libertarian Party nominee for president, Gary Johnson, who recently filed an anti-trust claim against the Commission on Read more »

Sep 26 2012

Breitbart Writer Begs Libertarians To Vote Romney — Sorry, It Ain’t Going To Work

Source: Mediaite (via Independent Political Report)

In a two-part column over at Breitbart’s Big Government, Kurt Schlichter practically begs libertarians to “support our Constitution” and vote for Mitt Romney this November in order to avoid not only the “destruction of this country” by way of a second Obama term, but also to avoid the destruction of libertarianism by way of the Libertarian Party becoming a pariah.

The begging will not work, especially when it comes with the usual platitudinous overtures to America Read more »

Sep 20 2012

‘$100 Million Question’ for Romney: Will He Do What It Takes to Win Over Libertarians in 2012?

Source: The Blaze (via Independent Political Report)

For Mitt Romney to have a better chance of surpassing the still small lead President Barack Obama holds in general election polling, he’ll likely need the support of the growing block of libertarian and libertarian-leaning voters.

But the question remains whether Romney can or will present the arguments necessary to appeal to undecided libertarians and supporters of former Republican candidate Ron Paul, and Libertarian Party Read more »

Sep 18 2012

Young Ron Paul supporters express support for Gary Johnson, say Romney, Obama the same

Source: Red Alert Politics (via

Mitt Romney is just not going to cut it for many of Ron Paul’s devoted legion of young followers.

Most of the Ron Paul supporters approached by Red Alert Politics Friday night at the Liberty Political Action Conference in Chantilly, Va., said they could not see many differences between Romney and President Obama. Their general consensus was that Romney is a weak candidate who has not effectively made his case. Read more »

Sep 11 2012

Gov. Gary Johnson Hosts An Online Town Hall On


With the Republican National Convention behind them, many supporters of Congressman Ron Paul are expressing great interest in Gov. Johnson’s campaign for President. Governor Johnson hosted an on-line town hall on to give those supporters an opportunity to ask questions, discuss the issues, and talk about the campaign in the weeks ahead.

You can watch the Town Hall on

Sep 10 2012

Overwhelming majority of Ron Paul supporters will vote for Gov. Gary Johnson

Source: Huffington Post (via Libertarian Party)

Over the last year, many of Paul’s supporters have claimed that the GOP can’t win without them. That’s either a threat or a promise. As any parent knows, neither should be made emptily.

Following all of the shenanigans against them throughout the primary season, and the RNC’s decision in Tampa to alienate them completely, Paul’s supporters have been considering how to vote in November.

Although most of them would like nothing more than to write his name in, they know that in most states, Read more »


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