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Jan 01 2013

Presidential Vote Totals

Source: Ballot Access News

Because New York State released its official November 2012 vote tally, the presidential results are virtually complete. Totals appear to be: Barack Obama 65,899,557; Mitt Romney 60,931,959; Gary Johnson 1,275,559; Jill Stein 466,877; Virgil Goode 122,106; Roseanne Barr 67,349; Rocky Anderson 42,518; Tom Hoefling 40,113; Randall Terry 13,104; Richard Duncan 12,543; Peta Lindsay and her stand-in Gloria LaRiva 9,300; Chuck Baldwin 5,017; Will Christensen 4,453; Stewart Alexander 4,430; Read more »

Sep 24 2012

New book about Prohibition Party

Source: Independent Political Report

Darcy Richardson has done it again. This time he takes us backstage for a look at the Prohibition Party in its heyday—when crowds of 10,000 people would attend rallies for their presidential candidates. This short book revolves around the 1932 election, just before the 21st Amendment was passed. Darcy details how the Prohibitionists actually had a couple of candidates officially nominated; the final one who hit the campaign trail was, in the author’s words, someone who “looked like he needed a drink.” Please Read more »

Sep 08 2012

Louisiana Will Have Eleven Presidential Candidates on the Ballot

Source: Ballot Access News

Louisiana will have eleven presidential candidates on the ballot. They are the nominees of the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, Green, Constitution, Justice, Prohibition Parties; also three Socialist Parties, the Socialist Workers, Socialist Equality, and Party for Socialism and Liberation.

In addition, Louisiana ballots will carry the ticket of Sheila “Samm” Tittle & Matt Turner. Their ballot label is “We the People.” The ticket also petitioned in Mississippi, but it is not known if it attained ballot status Read more »

Sep 05 2012

Prohibition Party Places Presidential Nominee on Louisiana Ballot

Source: Ballot Access News

The Louisiana Secretary of State’s web page shows that the Prohibition Party has placed its presidential nominee, Jack Fellure, on the ballot. The party label will be printed on the ballot. Louisiana is apparently the only state in which he will be listed.

The web page also shows that the Republican, Libertarian, Constitution, and Party for Socialism and Liberation have also placed their presidential nominees on the ballot. The deadline is Friday, September Read more »


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