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Oct 08 2012

Greenwatch TV: Green Party candidates and Occupy Houston’s 1 year anniversary

Source: Independent Political Report

Video by way of Punk Patriot

Aug 13 2012

Burning Man To Connect Occupy/TEA Movements In Funded Art Project

Source: Independent Political Report

The Burning Man organization, host of an annual event expected to attract over 60,000 participants to a dry lakebed northeast of Reno later this month (see: has provided funding to an art project titled “Burn Wall Street” with the following description:

Burn Wall Street is a large scale, outdoor art installation that is sprouting powerful conversations countrywide. By bringing individuals from the Occupy and Tea Party movements together, this project Read more »

Apr 05 2012

Green National Committee cancels vote on 99% Spring

Source: Green Party Watch

A proposal sponsored by the Green Party of Washington State which would have the Green Party of the United States endorsing a call from to train 100,000 volunteers in non-violent direct action, will not come to a vote. The proposal points out that many endorsing organizations are associated with the Democratic Party.

This Spring We Rise! Read more »

Apr 01 2012

April Fools: Occupy Wall Street endorses Ron Paul for President

Source: Independent Political Report

[This was originally posted on 4/1/12 in the spirit of April Fools fun. The NYCGA/OWS truly did post the announcement at their site as an April Fools joke.] is an official website of Occupy Wall Street. It is the site for the New York City General Assembly, who make decisions on the ground for Occupy Wall Street.

The NYCGA website today has an announcement that OWS has agreed to officially Read more »

Mar 28 2012

Ralph Nader: CEOs Contemplate the Occupy Movement


By Ralph Nader

Stetson J. Bradford III met up with his fellow CEO F. Reginald Lawless for a brow-to-brow lunch at the Penthouse Reverie Room high above Wall and Broad Streets in New York. As charter members of the 40-year Corporate Supremes Club, they had serious business to discuss before Thanksgiving weekend in 2011.

The topic numero uno was: Is the Occupy Wall Street movement and its around the Read more »

Jan 24 2012

Video: Jill Stein at Occupy the Courts in Washington DC

Source: Green Party Watch

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein was in Washington DC with Move to Amend for Occupy the Courts, a weekend of actions to protest the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision that gave corporations license to spend unlimited amounts of cash on elections. Watch Dr. Stein’s speech to Occupy the Courts here:

YouTube video link

Jan 18 2012

Occupy Wall Street: Pro & Cons For The Libertarian Activist

Source: Liberty Lion

Libertarian Party activists seem to be divided as to whether Occupy Wall Street demonstrations present an opportunity to spread and market the libertarian message or in no way reflect libertarian ideals. This deep division was in evidence at the Libertarian Party of Queens County’s Annual Convention held at Bohemian Hall in Astoria, New York on Saturday, January 14, 2012. Read more »

Jan 02 2012

Ross Levin Writes of OWS and Third Party Figures

Source: Independent Political Report

Resident blogger Ross Levin has penned an article over at Polizeros. His article, which is about the Occupy Wall Street Protests generally, nevertheless manages to touch on a few personalities and parties that are of interest to IPR readers.

Barack Obama’s rhetoric certainly has a populist tone to it these days, but words are cheap. At the same time that he invoked Teddy Roosevelt, Obama Read more »

Dec 18 2011

Electoral reform group extends hand to Occupy movement

Source: Free and Equal

The Free and Equal Elections Foundation, a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to electoral reform, today extended an offer of support to Occupy movements across the country.

“The United States of America was founded as a great experiment in self-government,” said Chris Edes, Free and Equal New York Caucus Leader, and Read more »

Dec 15 2011

Greens urge President Obama to condemn police brutality against Occupy protesters

Source: Green Party (

WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party leaders called for strong national condemnation of the brutal actions of police forces in their treatment of Occupy Movement protesters in several cities.

“We encourage political leaders, beginning with President Obama, to express revulsion and anger at the violent and destructive behavior of police in their Read more »


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