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Nov 07 2013

Libertarians Win Some Elections, Including Four Partisan Elections

Source: Ballot Access News

On November 5, Libertarian Party members were elected in these elections:

Brett Bittner was re-elected to the Marietta, Georgia School Board; Walter Reynolds was elected to the Milledgeville, Georgia city council; Erwin Haas was elected to the Kentwood, Michigan city commission; Matt Hoerner was elected to the Read more »

Apr 30 2013

North Carolina Bill Would Let Independent Candidates be “Independent” on the Ballot

Source: Ballot Access News

North Carolina Representative Mark Brody (R-Matthews) has introduced HB 752, to let independent candidates be called “independent” on the ballot, instead of “unaffiliated.” The bill also says if an independent candidate gets on the ballot, if he or she then runs for the same office again in the following election, no petition would be needed if the candidate’s vote total the first time had been at least twice as Read more »

Apr 29 2013

North Carolina Ballot Access Activists Have Appointments with Six Legislators on April 30

Source: Ballot Access News

Brian Irving is coordinating appointments between ballot access activists and North Carolina State Representatives who are on the House Elections Committee. He has appointments with six such state legislators at various times on April 30, Tuesday. Other proponents of improved ballot access will be joining him. If you live anywhere near Raleigh and you wish to help, his e-mail is Read more »

Apr 19 2013

North Carolina County Commissioner Switches from Republican Party to Libertarian Party

Source: Ballot Access News

On April 18, Brian Berger, a New Hanover County, North Carolina County Commissioner, switched his voter registration from “Republican” to “Libertarian.” County Commission is a partisan elected office. See this story.

It is believed that Berger intends to resign soon from the Commission. The law says a vacancy should be filled by the party that the ex-member was a member of. The law is Read more »

Apr 18 2013

Libertarians Oppose Welfare for (Met)Life

Source: Libertarian Party of North Carolina

RALEIGH (April 18) – The awarding of nearly $100 million in “corporate incentives” to MetLife, one of the largest insurance companies in the world, is a classic example of state and local governments playing the game of Reverse Robin Hood, robbing from the poor to give to the rich, a state Libertarian Party spokesman said in a statement today. Read more »

Apr 17 2013

Minor Party Activists Step up Communications with State Legislators in Four States

Source: Ballot Access News

Minor party activists are working very hard to influence state legislators in at least four states, to either support bills for easier ballot access, or to oppose bills that make it worse.

In Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Ballot Access Committee recently e-mailed every state legislator. Also Constitution Party activists recently met with the Senator who Read more »

Apr 10 2013

North Carolina Ballot Access Bill Introduced

Source: Ballot Access News

On April 10, several North Carolina legislators from both major parties introduced HB 794, to improve ballot access. The bill lowers the number of signatures for newly-qualifying parties, and statewide independent candidates, from 2% of the last gubernatorial vote cast, to one-fourth of 1% of that same base. For 2014, this would reduce the petition from 89,340 signatures to 11,168 signatures. Read more »

Apr 01 2013

North Carolina Libertarians Appoint New Officials

Source: Libertarian Party of North Carolina (via Independent Political Report)

RALEIGH (April 2) – The state Libertarian Party has appointed several new people to its executive committee. The new officials are: Jon Byers, membership secretary; Alex Matthews, director of university relations; Christopher Dooley, social media coordinator, and; Brian Irving, press secretary.

Byers, 43 of Asheville, is the self-employed, working in the healthcare Read more »

Mar 21 2013

Virginia Governor Signs Bill Lowering Presidential Petition Requirements

Source: Ballot Access News

On March 18, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell signed SB 690, which lowers the number of signatures for all presidential candidates (both presidential primary and general election) from 10,000 signatures to 5,000 signatures.

Indiana now has the most difficult mandatory presidential primary petition requirement in the nation. Indiana requires 4,500 signatures, with 500 signatures Read more »

Mar 07 2013

Free the Vote supports eliminating straight-party voting

Source: Free the Vote North Carolina


LENOIR (March 7) – Eliminating straight-party voting will be a step toward ending the two-party duopoly that controls North Carolina’s electoral process and discriminates against alternative parties and independent candidates, a spokesman for Free the Vote North Carolina said in a statement today. Read more »


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