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Mar 16 2013

Region 3 Report To LNC

Source: Independent Political Report

Region 3 Report

Submitted by Jillian A. Mack

Too long to post as an article, so here is the link to the pdf:

Region 3 Report 2013-03-16

Nov 11 2012

Randall Terry Received More Votes for U.S. House than for President

Source: Ballot Access News

Randall Terry, well-known activist against legal abortion, ran for president this year as an independent candidate, and he also ran as an independent candidate for U.S. House in Florida’s 20th district. In his presidential race, in the three states in which he was on the ballot (Kentucky, Nebraska, and West Virginia) unofficial tallies credit him with 12,491 votes, plus an unknown number of write-ins in certain other states. But in his U.S. House race, where he was the only opponent to Democratic incumbent Read more »

Nov 03 2012

National Student Mock Election Results Released in Some States

Source: Ballot Access News

The Pearson Foundation this year, as in the past, is sponsoring the “My Voice National Student Mock Election”, in which students of all ages participate in a mock presidential/congressional election. The standards and rules vary widely. In some states, only President Obama and Mitt Romney are placed on the ballot. In some states, the results are not released until actual election day (November 6), but in other states, the results are already being released. Voting took place October 25-November 1, except in some Read more »

Oct 22 2012

“Descendants of Americans Slaves”, a New Political Party in Kentucky, Enters Two State Legislative Races

Source: Ballot Access News

A new party called Descendants of Americans Slaves has qualified two candidates for the Kentucky state legislature. Norris Shelton, author of “America’s Little Black Book”, is the only opponent to the Democratic nominee in the 33rd State Senate district in Louisville. Henry Owens III is the only opponent of the Democratic nominee in the 41st State House district, also in Louisville. Here is some information about Shelton. Read more »

Oct 19 2012

Weekly Standard Lengthy Article on Randall Terry’s Independent Presidential Campaign

Source: Ballot Access News

The Weekly Standard has a lengthy article about Randall Terry, written by Matt Labash. Terry is on the ballot as an independent presidential candidate in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Nebraska, and because he is a candidate for federal office, his television and radio ads cannot be censored. The author of the article interviewed Terry, and learned that Terry’s object is to help defeat President Obama. He believes his television ads will detract from Obama’s vote. If he is correct, this is yet Read more »

Oct 09 2012

Jill Stein: Join us to Occupy the CPD in KY, NYC

Source: Jill Stein for President

With four weeks to go until Election Day, we are ratcheting up the pressure to get Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala into the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) televised debates. Read on for an update from Fair Debates Organizer Carl Gibson about upcoming actions in KY and NY:

Join Green Party VP candidate Cheri Honkala to Occupy the CPD Vice Presidential Debate at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky on Thursday, October 11! Read more »

Sep 11 2012

47 States for Gov. Gary Johnson, Judge Jim Gray – 3 To Go!

Source: Libertarian Party (

Governor Gary Johnson and Judge James P. Gray will appear on 47 state ballots plus the District of Columbia, as 4 more states were added to the list today. Petitions to get the Governor and Judge on the ballot this November were verified in Alabama, Connecticut, Kentucky, and Rhode Island. We are involved in litigation with the 3 remaining states: Michigan, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania.

Sep 09 2012

Kentucky Secretary of State Says All Three Presidential Petitions are Valid

Source: Ballot Access News

The Kentucky Secretary of State’s office has already approved all three presidential petitions submitted earlier. Therefore, Kentucky will have five presidential candidates on its ballot, the nominees of the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, and Green Parties, and independent candidate Randall Terry.

This is the first time the Green Party presidential nominee has been on in Kentucky since 2000. Thanks to Tamar Yager for this news. Read more »

Sep 08 2012

Alabama, Kentucky Presidential Filings

Source: Ballot Access News

The Alabama and Kentucky deadlines for independent and unqualified party presidential candidates was September 7. In each state, three petitions were submitted. In Alabama they were petitions for Virgil Goode, Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein. In Kentucky they were for Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and Randall Terry.

Click here to read Ballot Access News comments on this article

Sep 04 2012

Two Independent Candidates for U.S. House in Kentucky Don’t Live in Kentucky

Source: Ballot Access News

Kentucky has four independent candidates for U.S. House this year. That is the largest number of independent U.S. House candidates who have ever appeared on government-printed ballots in Kentucky, ever since the state started using government-printed ballots in 1892. This year there is an independent candidate on the ballot in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th districts. Kentucky has six districts.

Two of the independent candidates do not live in Kentucky. David Lewis, running in the 4th district, lives Read more »


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