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Apr 30 2013

Report from Libertarian Party of Indiana’s State Convention

Source: Independent Political Report

Drexler: Honors Go Beyond Just Winners
by Lauren Rumpler
April 23, 2013

There is a Peruvian proverb that when translated says, “Little by little, one walks far.”

Having spent the past weekend in Columbus at the Libertarian Party of Indiana State Read more »

Apr 29 2013

Fort Wayne News-Sentinel Editorializes in Favor of Easier Ballot Access for Indiana

Source: Ballot Access News

The April 26 Fort Wayne News-Sentinel has this editorial, which ran a few hours before the convictions in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary petition fraud prosecution. Toward the end of the editorial is a suggestion that Indiana’s ballot access laws be eased.

Mar 21 2013

Virginia Governor Signs Bill Lowering Presidential Petition Requirements

Source: Ballot Access News

On March 18, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell signed SB 690, which lowers the number of signatures for all presidential candidates (both presidential primary and general election) from 10,000 signatures to 5,000 signatures.

Indiana now has the most difficult mandatory presidential primary petition requirement in the nation. Indiana requires 4,500 signatures, with 500 signatures Read more »

Mar 18 2013

Libertarian Party of Indiana Supports ACLU Lawsuit!

Source: Libertarian Party of Indiana (via Independent Political Report)

The Libertarian Party of Indiana would like to extend its support of the ACLU lawsuit against two Indiana municipalities that passed ordinances regulating the activities of door-to-door canvassers. As defenders of the Constitution, the LPIN has informed the ACLU that they intend to assist them in the fight for liberty.

“These laws are in clear violation of our First Amendment rights,” states Gavin Rose, Read more »

Mar 16 2013

Region 3 Report To LNC

Source: Independent Political Report

Region 3 Report

Submitted by Jillian A. Mack

Too long to post as an article, so here is the link to the pdf:

Region 3 Report 2013-03-16

Mar 14 2013

National Veterans Coalition of Indiana Releases March 2013 Newsletter

Source: Independent Political Report

The National Veterans Coalition of the Constitution Party, which is the party’s veteran outreach organization, recently created a Facebook page. On it they released the March 2013 newsletter of the Indiana branch. The newsletter is below.

“Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country.” Pres. Kennedy Inaugural address 1961 Read more »

Jan 18 2013

Indiana Bill Would Restrict Write-ins

Source: Ballot Access News

Two Indiana State Representatives, Bob Cherry (R-Greenfield) and Richard Hamm (R-Richmond) have introduced HB 1112. Indiana currently allows write-ins in general elections. The bill would provide that only self-described independent candidates would be permitted to file as write-in candidates. Each declared write-in candidate would need to affirm that he or she is “not affiliated with any party.” Here is the text of the bill. Read more »

Jan 12 2013

Constitution Party and Socialist Party Legislative Nominees in Indiana did Surprisingly Well

Source: Ballot Access News

Indiana ballot access laws, since 1983, have been so restrictive, the Libertarian Party is generally the only party that appears on the ballot for statewide office and Congress. No other party, other than the two major parties, has appeared on the Indiana ballot for a statewide office since 2000, when Pat Buchanan petitioned as the Reform Party nominee.

But the petition requirements for legislature aren’t too restrictive, so in 2012 both the Constitution Party Read more »

Nov 28 2012

Indiana Constitution Party Activist May Have Found a Sponsor for a Ballot Access Reform Bill

Source: Ballot Access News

A Constitution Party activist in Indiana has located a Republican State Senator who may be willing to introduce a bill to ease ballot access. If you wish to work with this activist, his e-mail is

Indiana is one of only two states in which no statewide minor party or independent candidate petition has succeeded, since 2000. It is one of only four states in which Ralph Nader never got on the ballot, Read more »

Nov 26 2012

Indiana Finishes Counting Write-in Votes, but Totals are Flawed; State Says it is Too Late to Complain

Source: Ballot Access News

The Indiana Secretary of State’s office has this official vote for President, including write-in totals. However, Jay Parks of the Indiana Green Party has obtained the county-by-county breakdown, and he finds that Marion County, which is easily the most populous county in the state, only reported 2 write-ins. Vigo County, which has Terre Haute, reported zero write-ins. Parks knows of voters in those two counties who voted for Jill Stein but their votes have not been counted. Read more »


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