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Feb 15 2013

Roger Stone Considers Run for Florida Governor

Source: Independent Political Report

The National Review Online ran the following story about Roger Stone and his possible political future.

Roger Stone, an infamous political consultant, tells National Review Online that he will probably run for governor of Florida.

The former campaign adviser to Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan says he wants to run Read more »

Feb 02 2013

Americans Elect is No Longer Ballot-Qualified in Florida

Source: Ballot Access News

The Florida Secretary of State’s webpage no longer lists Americans Elect as a ballot-qualified party. Presumably this is because the state officers told the Secretary of State that the party no longer wishes to be recognized. Because Florida permits a party to be ballot-qualified just by submitting a list of officers and bylaws, any party is free to eliminate itself at any time.

The Socialist Party is no longer listed either. Read more »

Jan 29 2013

Adrian Wyllie announces bid for Florida governor, plans to eliminate federal meddling

Source: Libertarian Party (

With the 2012 election behind us, candidates have begun preparing for races in 2014. One of the earliest Libertarian Party candidates to declare is Adrian Wyllie, chair of the Florida LP, who announced earlier this month that he would run for governor. He plans to distinguish his campaign by focusing on his plan to combat the federal government’s encroachments on state sovereignty.

“One of my highest priorities is going to be upholding the 10th Amendment, and rejecting any Read more »

Jan 24 2013

Florida Libertarian Party Files Financial Report with Wrong Office, Gets a Fine of $70,000

Source: Ballot Access News

The Florida Secretary of State has fined the Florida Libertarian Party $70,000 because the party’s financial report was a week late. The party treasurer filed the report on time, but he filed it with the Federal Election Commission instead of the Florida Elections office. The party is appealing the fine. An administrative hearing is being held February 20. The party is being assisted in this matter by an attorney. Read more »

Jan 23 2013

Florida Secretary of State Fines Green Party $10,000 for Being 15 Hours Late with its Financial Report

Source: Ballot Access News

On November 5, the Florida Secretary of State notified that Florida Green Party that because the party’s financial report had been due on November 2, and it was not actually filed until November 3, the party owes a fine of $10,000. The party has appealed this decision. The party treasurer tried to file the report on November 2 electronically but computer problems made that impossible. The party points out that the report was only 15 hours late, and that the fine seems excessive, given that the party’s Read more »

Jan 23 2013

Green Party of Florida Letter to President Barack Obama

Source: Green Party of Florida

January 9, 2013.

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 30500-0003

Mr. President, Read more »

Jan 14 2013

Who Were the Best Vote-Getting Legislative Nominees of the Constitution, Green, and Libertarian Parties in 2012?

Source: Ballot Access News

The November 2012 election returns for state legislative candidates reveal that the Constitution, Green, and Libertarian Parties each had a handful of state legislative nominees who polled at least 30% of the vote.

For the Constitution Party, the only legislative nominee who polled as much as 30% was Gregory Hughes, who polled 31.29% in Nevada’s First Senate District against a Democrat. The district is in Las Read more »

Jan 02 2013

Florida Legislative Session Likely to Focus on Election Law Changes

Source: Ballot Access News

According to this story, Florida legislative leaders now acknowledge problems with HB 1355, the 2011 bill that altered many Florida election laws, and expect to revise it. Criticism in Florida has focused on very long lines at the polling places. HB 1355 also added a restriction that parties not recognized as national committees must submit over 100,000 signatures to be on the ballot for President, a law that the Secretary of State has not enforced generally because the Secretary has no official knowledge of Read more »

Nov 11 2012

Randall Terry Received More Votes for U.S. House than for President

Source: Ballot Access News

Randall Terry, well-known activist against legal abortion, ran for president this year as an independent candidate, and he also ran as an independent candidate for U.S. House in Florida’s 20th district. In his presidential race, in the three states in which he was on the ballot (Kentucky, Nebraska, and West Virginia) unofficial tallies credit him with 12,491 votes, plus an unknown number of write-ins in certain other states. But in his U.S. House race, where he was the only opponent to Democratic incumbent Read more »

Nov 07 2012

Green Candidate Karen Morian Polling Over 30% in Florida State House Race

Source: Uncovered Politics

Karen Morian, a Green Party candidate for Florida State House of Representatives, is currently capturing 32% of the vote in a one-on-one race against incumbent Republican Lake Ray.

Morian won the endorsement of several labor organizations as well as the local Democratic Party. She campaign energetically and seems to be performing about as well as a Democrat might have in a similar district. Read more »


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