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Mar 28 2013

Bob Barr Announces 2014 Return Bid For Congress As A Republican

Source: Bob Barr (via e-mail sent March 28)


This morning, I announced my return bid for Congress at Adventure Outdoors in Smyma, Georgia, one of the largest sporting goods retail stores in the southeast. I chose this location because the future success of businesses such as this depends on turning around federal policies that are strangling small businesses with red tape, high taxes and burdensome regulations. Read more »

Mar 18 2013

U.S. Supreme Court Won’t Hear Case on Whether Jurisdictions Must Count Write-in Votes for Declared Write-in Presidential Candidates

Source: Ballot Access News

On March 18, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear Libertarian Party v District of Columbia Board of Elections, 12-836. The party had complained in 2008 that even though its presidential nominee, Bob Barr, held completed the paperwork to become a declared write-in presidential candidate in D.C. (he was the only presidential candidate who did so), the Board of Elections refused to count his write-ins. Both the U.S. District Read more »

Jul 19 2012

U.S. Court of Appeals, D.C. Circuit, Asks Board of Elections to Respond to Libertarian Party Request for Rehearing in Case on Counting Write-ins

Source: Ballot Access News

On July 19, the U.S. Court of Appeals, D.C. Circuit, asked the Board of Elections to file a response to the Libertarian Party’s petition for rehearing. The case is Libertarian Party v D.C. Board of Elections, 11-7029. This is the case over whether declared write-in presidential candidates are entitled to have their votes counted.

On June 8, a 3-judge panel in this court had upheld the Board of Elections policy of refusing to Read more »

May 18 2012

Bob Barr Now Supports Mitt Romney

Source: Independent Political Report

Found on Facebook

I am pleased to support and endorse Governor Mitt Romney for President

I was honored to support my good friend and fellow Georgian, Newt Gingrich, for President. Newt ran a campaign offering transformational ideas to address the key problems facing America. He contributed in a serious manner to advancing solutions for Read more »

May 09 2012

Bob Barr Offers Comments On Gary Johnson and Libertarian Party

Source: Independent Political Report

Bob Barr penned an article for The Daily Caller recently which lauds the Libertarian Party for selecting former two-term Governor Gary Johnson as its nominee.

At its national convention in Las Vegas over the weekend, the Libertarian Party chose its standard bearers for the upcoming presidential election. The selection of former Republican New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson as its presidential nominee, and former Read more »

Apr 01 2012

Bob Barr, Roseanne Barr Negotiating Progressive-Libertarian Alliance Ticket?

Source: Independent Political Report

I have just learned from high placed campaign sources that Roseanne Barr, a candidate for the Green Party presidential nomination, and 2008 Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr are in serious discussions about a joint campaign for POTUS.

The sticking point right now is which one would head the ticket. Roseanne Barr has been making the case that, as the progressive, she would bring 27% of the voters in the country Read more »

Mar 31 2012

Sam Sloan, A Candidate For The Libertarian Party’s Presidential Nomination, Shares His Views Regarding Bob Barr, Warren Redlich & The Libertarian Love Affair With Gary Johnson

Source: Liberty Lion

On March 28, 2012, Sam Sloan, a candidate for the Presidential Nomination of the Libertarian Party, sent Liberty Lion the following article:

The Libertarian Love Affair with Gary Johnson
by Sam Sloan

With the National Convention now approaching, more and more Libertarians are coming Read more »

Feb 29 2012

Newt Gingrich is the best choice for Libertarians, says Bob Barr

Source: Independent Political Report

In an interview with The Daily Caller, the 2008 Libertarian Party presidential nominee, former Republican Congressman Bob Barr defends his decision to endorse former House Speaker Newt Gingrich for president, saying he is the best choice for Libertarians.

Barr explains “it’s not to say that other candidates like Ron Paul don’t have very good ideas” but Libertarians should back Gingrich because he has “an actual track record of Read more »

Feb 23 2012

2012 May be First Presidential Election in History with Five Parties Each Having a Nominee Who Had Served as a Governor, or in Congress

Source: Ballot Access News

If Buddy Roemer gets the Americans Elect nomination, and if Gary Johnson gets the Libertarian nomination, and if Virgil Goode gets the Constitution Party nomination, 2012 will be the first presidential election in U.S. history in which five parties each had a presidential nominee, each of whom was also a declared candidate, and each of whom had served either in Congress or as a Governor. Read more »

Jan 30 2012

Chuck Baldwin: ‘Newt Gingrich? Really?’

Source: Independent Political Report

From an article at Chuck Baldwin Live by 2008 Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Chuck Baldwin:

If one believes that the problem is out-of-control government trampling our Bill of Rights, Newt Gingrich is definitely not the solution. If one believes the problem is the lack of Christian morals among our Read more »


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