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Jan 01 2013

Presidential Vote Totals

Source: Ballot Access News

Because New York State released its official November 2012 vote tally, the presidential results are virtually complete. Totals appear to be: Barack Obama 65,899,557; Mitt Romney 60,931,959; Gary Johnson 1,275,559; Jill Stein 466,877; Virgil Goode 122,106; Roseanne Barr 67,349; Rocky Anderson 42,518; Tom Hoefling 40,113; Randall Terry 13,104; Richard Duncan 12,543; Peta Lindsay and her stand-in Gloria LaRiva 9,300; Chuck Baldwin 5,017; Will Christensen 4,453; Stewart Alexander 4,430; Read more »

Nov 15 2012

Presidential Vote Totals So Far

Source: Ballot Access News

At least two states, Georgia and Wyoming, have released their official election returns for President (although Georgia hasn’t released write-in totals). A few other states have election web pages that continuously update, as more votes are counted; these states seem to be Alaska, Arizona, California, and Washington. Wyoming says there are 2,035 presidential write-ins, but the state web page doesn’t break them down. Read more »

Oct 04 2012

HuffPost Live: Third Party Presidential Candidates Debate on the Economy

Source: HuffPost Live (via Independent Political Report)

Third-party presidential candidates Rocky Anderson, Gary Johnson and Andre Barnett join the HuffPost Live community for a debate on the economy.

Sep 13 2012

Kansas State Officials Reject Attempt to Place Andre Barnett on the Ballot as the Reform Party Nominee

Source: Ballot Access News

On September 13, the Kansas State Objections Board rejected the attempt of national leaders of the Reform Party to have Andre Barnett listed as the Reform Party presidential nominee. The national convention of the Reform Party, meeting in Philadelphia August 11-12, had chosen Barnett for President. But the Kansas Reform Party state officers certified Chuck Baldwin as the state party’s presidential nominee. Read more »

Sep 12 2012

Kansas Reform Party Chooses Virgil Goode for President in Place of Chuck Baldwin

Source: Ballot Access News

A few days ago, the Kansas Reform Party state committee met via conference call and revised its presidential nominee from Chuck Baldwin (who doesn’t really want to run for President) to Virgil Goode. The Kansas Objections Board will decide whether to permit the party to change its nominee. The Board consists of the Lieutenant Governor, the Secretary of State, and the Attorney General. The Board meets on Thursday, September 13, at 2 p.m. Read more »

Sep 10 2012

Mississippi Secretary of State Recognizes the Shawn O’Hara Faction of the Reform Party

Source: Ballot Access News

Mississippi ballots will print Barbara Dale Washer on the ballot as the Reform Party presidential nominee. She is the choice of the faction of the Mississippi Reform Party that is headed by Shawn O’Hara. The choice of the Reform Party’s national convention for President, Andre Barnett, will thus not appear on the Mississippi ballot. Barnett will appear in one state, Florida.

Here is a link to the Secretary of State’s list of candidates. However, it does not yet show which Read more »

Aug 16 2012

Darcy Richardson Comments on Reform National Convention & 2012 Endorsement

Source: Independent Political Report

Historian and IPR contributor Darcy Richardson, who had sought the Reform Party USA presidential nomination, wrote the following about the party and his decision to not attend its National Convention this past weekend:

I never really liked going to funerals, so I skipped the Philadelphia convention.

For the record, I pulled out in late July, once it became clear the party wasn’t going to qualify for the Read more »

Aug 13 2012

Reform Party Chooses Andre Barnett for President

Source: Ballot Access News

On August 11-12, the Reform Party national convention was held in Philadelphia. The delegates chose Andre Barnett for President. Here is his campaign web page. Here is the wiki page about him. He lives in Poughkeepsie, New York. The Reform Party is ballot-qualified in Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. However, the Kansas Reform Party already nominated someone else for President this year.

The vice-presidential nominee is Ken Cross of Arkansas. Read more »

Aug 10 2012

Reform Party National Nominating Convention August 10-12, 2012

Source: Reform Party

REFORM PARTY CONVENTION 2012 August 10-12 Location: Hilton Garden Inn Philadelphia Center City 1100 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 19107 Tel: 1-215-789-4732 Fax: 1-215-925-0800

Visit here for the event page.

Jul 26 2012

Reform Party of Kansas Nominates Chuck Baldwin for President

Source: Ballot Access News

According to the Kansas Secretary of State, in June 2012, the ballot-qualified Reform Party nominated Chuck Baldwin for President and Joseph Martin for Vice-President, and certified these candidates to the Secretary of State.

Chuck Baldwin was the Constitution Party’s presidential nominee in 2008. In 2010 he moved from Florida to Kila, Montana, where he is a pastor. He has a web page but it doesn’t indicate that he is Read more »


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