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Mar 04 2013

Trial Date Set in Rubin v Bowen, the California Minor Party Lawsuit Against Top-Two Primary System

Source: Ballot Access News

On March 4, an Alameda County Superior Court set a February 18, 2014 trial date for Rubin v Bowen, the case filed by the Peace & Freedom, Libertarian, and Green Parties that argues that the top-two system in practice injures the voting rights of voters who wish to vote for minor party candidates in November. The state will still attempt to persuade the Court to cancel the trial and dismiss the case, and a hearing on that is Read more »

Mar 02 2013

Peace and Freedom Party: Remembering Fukushima

Source: Peace and Freedom Party (via Independent Political Report)

By Eugene E Ruyle

Posted on February 27, 2013 by the Communications Committee

February 2013

As we approach the second anniversary of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, it is well that we remember the sordid history of nuclear energy in Japan and the world, and re-phrase Bob Dylan’s poignant question: How many times must nuclear plants fail, Read more »

Feb 25 2013

Pennsylvania Reports 11,630 Presidential Write-ins from November 2012, Doesn’t Give Any Breakdown

Source: Ballot Access News

Pennsylvania is the most populous state that does not have a law that says write-in candidates must file a write-in declaration of candidacy, if they want their write-ins tallied. Instead, all Pennsylvania write-ins are valid, and the law requires that they be tallied. But, even though most counties tally them, the state this year will not make any statewide tallies. By contrast, in November 2008, the state tallied the Read more »

Feb 15 2013

California Minor Parties File Amended Complaint in State Court, in Lawsuit Against Top-Two System

Source: Ballot Access News

On February 14, the Peace & Freedom, Libertarian and Green Parties filed this amended complaint in Superior Court in Alameda County, California, in Rubin v Bowen. This is the case in which the parties argue that the top-two system, as it works in the real world, unconstitutionally injures voters who desire to vote for minor party and independent candidates. The judge in this case had asked that the plaintiffs file an Read more »

Feb 04 2013

Oil Millionaire’s Speech Shows Why Democratic Party Needs Left Opposition

Source: Peace and Freedom Party

Statement by Kevin Akin, State Chair, Peace and Freedom Party

Posted on January 25, 2013 by the Communications Committee

With some admirable rhetorical flourishes, Gov. Jerry Brown’s State of the State speech on January 24th celebrated the opportunities ahead for California – that is, corporate opportunities, and opportunities for the owners of those corporations. Except for some talk about education and jobs, the Read more »

Jan 25 2013

California Superior Court Issues Procedural Ruling in Case Against Top-Two; Wants a More Up-to-Date Complaint Filed

Source: Ballot Access News

On January 25, the Alameda County, California, Superior Court issued a procedural ruling in Rubin v Bowen, RG11-605301. This is the lawsuit filed by the state Peace & Freedom Party and Libertarian Party, and the Alameda County Green Party, that challenges the top-two system on the grounds that it violates the rights of voters who wish to vote for minor party candidates in the November election.

The ruling says that the last complaint, which was filed before the 2012 election, needs to be Read more »

Jan 19 2013

Roseanne Barr Says She Intends to Run for President in 2016

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal (via Ballot Access News)

Roseanne Barr says she isn’t finished running for president, and she doesn’t do it as a joke.

“I’m going to do it forever,” she says. “For 2016 I’ll have some more interesting things to say and more interesting infrastructure as well.”

The comedian drew more than 65,000 real votes in the three states where she was on the ballot last November, despite a campaign run almost entirely on Twitter with a volunteer staff of “about 20 Read more »

Jan 11 2013

Vermont Presidential Write-ins Now Known

Source: Ballot Access News

The write-in vote for President in Vermont in November 2012 was: Ron Paul 717, Jill Stein 594, Virgil Goode 13, Roseanne Barr 9. These figures were determined on January 11 by a team of voting rights activists who volunteered to help the Vermont Secretary of State do this tally. Thanks to Jeremy Hansen for this news.

Presidential candidates who were on the ballot, and thus didn’t need to depend on write-ins, were Read more »

Jan 05 2013

Minor Party Lawsuit Against California Top-Two System Status Conference of January 4, 2013

Source: Ballot Access News

On January 4, an Alameda County Superior Court held a status conference in Rubin v Bowen, the lawsuit in which the Peace & Freedom, Libertarian, and Green Parties challenge the essence of the California top-two system. The judge set another status conference for March 4, and said he is working very hard on an opinion as to whether the case should be dismissed. That opinion will be released before January 29. Read more »

Jan 01 2013

Presidential Vote Totals

Source: Ballot Access News

Because New York State released its official November 2012 vote tally, the presidential results are virtually complete. Totals appear to be: Barack Obama 65,899,557; Mitt Romney 60,931,959; Gary Johnson 1,275,559; Jill Stein 466,877; Virgil Goode 122,106; Roseanne Barr 67,349; Rocky Anderson 42,518; Tom Hoefling 40,113; Randall Terry 13,104; Richard Duncan 12,543; Peta Lindsay and her stand-in Gloria LaRiva 9,300; Chuck Baldwin 5,017; Will Christensen 4,453; Stewart Alexander 4,430; Read more »


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