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Apr 24 2013

2016 Presidential Candidate Darryl W. Perry Writes Open Letter to FEC

Source: Independent Political Report

Open Letter to the FEC

To whom it may concern,

This letter is being sent on behalf of the Darryl W. Perry for President (2016) campaign.

I would like to inform you that on behalf of the campaign, the FEC will not be Read more »

Apr 19 2013

2016 Presidential Candidate Darryl W. Perry Announces He Will Now Accept Bitcoin Donations

Source: Independent Political Report

Presidential Candidate Darryl W. Perry Becomes the First Presidential Candidate to accept Bitcoin

April 19, 2013, Keene, NH – On this date in 1775, the first shots of the American Revolution were fired. Today, Presidential candidate Darryl W. Perry announces that he will be the first Presidential candidate to accept bitcoin, and will only accept Read more »

Apr 15 2013

Robby Wells Delivers Speech At Atlanta Music Liberty Fest

Source: Independent Political Report

The Atlanta Music Liberty Fest was held on April 6th, 2013. Robby Wells, independent presidential candidate in 2016 appeared and delivered a speech that lasted around 20 minutes.

Mar 31 2013

IPR Exclusive: Interview With Darryl W. Perry, First Announced Candidate for 2016 LP Presidential Nomination

Source: Independent Political Report

Darryl W. Perry is a writer whose articles are published in several publications, including the monthly newspaper The Sovereign. He is a co-host on a radio show on Liberty Radio Network. He is the owner and managing editor of Free Press Publications ( Perry is a co-founder and co-chairman of the New Hampshire Liberty Party, a party created in September 2012 to promote secession of the state from the federal Read more »

Feb 20 2013

Robby Wells Calls Out Senator Marco Rubio in New Video

Source: Independent Political Report

Robby Wells is an independent 2016 president candidate. The following quote is from a post by Joshua Fauver, the chairman of Young Constitutionalists (the youth wing of the Constitution Party) :

“After going after Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, Independent Presidential Candidate Robby Wells sets his sights on Republican favorite Marco Rubio of Read more »

Feb 16 2013

2016 Independent Presidential Candidate Robby Wells Calls Out NY Governor On Gun Control

Source: Freedom Outpost (via Independent Political Report)

Presidential Candidate for 2016, Robby Wells, has called out New York Governor Andrew Cuomo over his gun legislation and challenges him to a debate at Madison Square Garden!

Continue reading at Freedom Outpost.

Jan 19 2013

Roseanne Barr Says She Intends to Run for President in 2016

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal (via Ballot Access News)

Roseanne Barr says she isn’t finished running for president, and she doesn’t do it as a joke.

“I’m going to do it forever,” she says. “For 2016 I’ll have some more interesting things to say and more interesting infrastructure as well.”

The comedian drew more than 65,000 real votes in the three states where she was on the ballot last November, despite a campaign run almost entirely on Twitter with a volunteer staff of “about 20 Read more »

Jan 09 2013

Robby Wells Conference Call Tonight

Source: Independent Political Report

This message popped up from several sources on Facebook. I’m passing it along.

The “Robby Wells Restoration Nation” Campaign Team will have a National Conference Call tonight, January 9, 2013 at 10:00 pm est! We will be discussing the Campaign Trip to New York and the upcoming trips to Charlotte, NC and PA! BRING A FRIEND! The call in number is: 605-562-3000, Access Code: 156850# Read more »

Dec 31 2012

Robby Wells Speaks To Constitution Party National Committee Meeting About His 2016 Campaign

Source: Independent Political Report

On December 1, 2012, the Constitution Party held their National Committee Meeting in Saint Louis, Missouri. One of the invited guest speakers was Robby Wells, who back in November announced his 2016 presidential candidacy as an independent. Wells had run for the Constitution Party’s presidential nomination this year in April, but came in 3rd place, with 58 votes, or 14.6%.

Wells was introduced by CP National Vice-Chairman Randy Stufflebeam, who said he had received Read more »

Nov 18 2012

Ron Nielson, Gary Johnson Campaign Manager, Says Johnson is Interested in the Libertarian Presidential Nomination in 2016

Source: Ballot Access News

The Libertarian National Committee is meeting in Arlington, Virginia, November 17-18. IndependentPoliticalReport has been covering that meeting. See here, and then scroll down to comments #88 and #96, in which participants at the meeting commented that Ron Nielson, Gary Johnson’s campaign manager, says Johnson is interested in the Libertarian presidential nomination in 2016. Read more »


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