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Dec 17 2013

Meet potential Green Party gov candidate Paul Glover

Source: PhillyNow (via

Pennsylvania’s next governor could ban fracking all together. That governor could enact a more progressive income tax and shift funds from prisons to education; expand solar tax credits and attempt to enact local, community currencies. That governor could be a person who once walked from the United States’ east coast to its west coast to write a book. Read more »

Dec 10 2013

50 Candidates File to Run as Greens in Texas

Source: Green Party of Texas

Houston – The Texas Green Party has recruited more than 50 candidates for state and local office across Texas to occupy the ballot in 2014. This is historically the largest number of Green Party candidates that will appear on the ballot in Texas.

“We are very excited to be running so many principled Read more »

Nov 26 2013

Libertarian and former lawmaker Charles Earl running for Ohio governor aims to reduce personal, business taxes to ‘zero’

Source: Libertarian Party (

Charles Earl, a former Republican representative in the Ohio General Assembly who switched his party affiliation to Libertarian in 2010, is running for governor in Ohio in 2014 to advance personal freedom and constitutional government.

Earl told the Sandusky Register, “We aim to reduce business and corporate taxes to ‘zero.’ Therefore, no large corporate Read more »

Nov 06 2013

Pennsylvania Statewide 2014 Petition Likely to be Only About 17,000 Signatures

Source: Ballot Access News

The number of signatures needed for statewide minor party and independent candidates in Pennsylvania in 2014 depends on the number of votes cast in the November 5, 2013 election, for Judge of the Superior Court. The formula is 2% of the winning candidate’s vote, for the statewide partisan candidate with the largest vote total. Read more »

May 21 2013

Libertarian John Wayne Smith aims to downsize government as Florida’s governor

Source: Libertarian Party (

John Wayne Smith has ambitious plans for the office of governor of Florida: cutting taxes to the bone, eliminating dozens of agencies and offices, rescinding laws that allow the use of eminent domain to take property for private gain, and getting rid of occupational licensing schemes that prevent so many people from earning a living. And he’s Read more »

Apr 22 2013

“I Can’t Take the Loss of Liberty” or, How to Radicalize a Suburban Mom

Source: Reason (via Independent Political Report)

“I didn’t want to run for office,” says Gigi Bowman, “liberty candidate” for the New Read more »

Mar 28 2013

Bob Barr Announces 2014 Return Bid For Congress As A Republican

Source: Bob Barr (via e-mail sent March 28)


This morning, I announced my return bid for Congress at Adventure Outdoors in Smyma, Georgia, one of the largest sporting goods retail stores in the southeast. I chose this location because the future success of businesses such as this depends on turning around federal policies that are strangling small businesses with red tape, high taxes and burdensome regulations. Read more »

Mar 27 2013

2014 Florida LP Gubernatorial Candidate Adrian Wyllie Overwhelmingly Wins Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County Straw Poll

Source: Independent Political Report

From Wyllie for Governor Facebook page:

Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County Gubernatorial Straw Poll results (3/27/13):

Adrian Wyllie^ 87%

Roger Stone* 13%

John Wayne Smith^ 0% Read more »

Mar 14 2013

Peace and Freedom Party Endorses Cindy Sheehan for California Governor in 2014

Source: Peace and Freedom Party


March 12, 2013

Contact: Marsha Feinland, 510-845-7251

Peace and Freedom Party Endorses Cindy Sheehan for California Governor in 2014.

The State Central Committee of the California Peace and Freedom Party has endorsed Read more »

Mar 13 2013

Imperato Announces Today Considering 2014 Gubernatorial Run in Florida

Source: Independent Political Report

West Palm Beach Florida (I-Newswire) March 12, 2013

[Editor's Note: Article was edited somewhat for grammar, spelling and typesetting]

[Daniel] Imperato has run on the Independent ticket and may do it again.

Imperato responds to claims made against him, says that any one can suit any one for any thing, until its proven by a court of law is hearsay and meaning less. Read more »


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