May 06 2013

Reform Party Denounces the Save Our Industries Act

Source: Reform Party

For Immediate Release – According to the media and inside sources, the Save our Industries Act (SAVE Act) will be reintroduced in the 113th Congress. A blog post on indicates that the Philippine Embassy has intensified its engagement about this issue as of March 16th. Filipino Ambassador Cuisia met with a congressional delegation led by the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Republican Representative Ed Royce. During this meeting, Ambassador Cuisia lobbied in support of the SAVE Act.

This act would extend free trade to Filipino factories that produce textiles by cutting tariffs and other trade barriers. The SAVE Act would open the door for these factories to dump an estimated four billion dollars worth of products into the American markets.

The Reform Party stands against the SAVE Act and other extensions of free trade. Since the start of free trade agreements with NAFTA in 1992, America’s trade deficit rose from 39.2 billion dollars to 559.8 billion in 2011, or an increase of over 1428 percent. The increase in this deficit was caused by the outsourcing of jobs, and the exploitation of unregulated environments and labor overseas.

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