Apr 30 2013

Unfortunate announcement on negotiations with the National Constitution Party

Source: Clarion Call To Unite Committee

It is with regret that the Clarion Call To Unite Committee announces a ceasing of its outreach efforts and dialogue with the national leadership of the Constitution Party.

On April the 20th, the National Constitution Party’s Executive & National Committees in Baltimore, Maryland passed a resolution that refused to engage in dialogue or support for the CCTUC, and it’s cause of uniting the other constitutionalist parties together.
For reasons relating to the misunderstandings about the specifics of the goals of the CCTUC, which never included ‘dissolving’ or ‘disbanding’ the Constitution Party itself, and because of past animosities with the leaders and members of several other parties that the CCTUC is currently in negotiation with, which remain fresh in the minds of the many leaders and members of the CP- was the concept of uniting together rejected.
And regardless of the controversy of how the vote was conducted, the will & desire of the leaders and members of the Constitution Party was overwhelmingly clear and valid.

Therefore, while the CCTUC respects the National CP’s wishes, however, it will nevertheless continue on with its efforts in unifying the parties together, and will still appeal, and welcome dialogue, or participation, from any individual leader, member, or state affiliate with the National CP, if they so desire.


Cody Quirk,
National Chairman,
Clarion Call To Unite Committee


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