Apr 30 2013

Libertarian Party of PA Announces State Convention, Speakers

Source: Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania

For Immediate Release
April 30, 2013
Harrisburg, PA

Libertarian Party of PA Announces State Convention, Speakers

The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania will hold its annual convention on Friday and Saturday, June 7 and 8, 2013, at the Harrisburg Hilton, One North 2nd Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101. In addition to important party business, the agenda features several notable speakers, including nationally acclaimed author Jim Bovard and national Libertarian Party Executive Director Carla Howell. The event is open to the public and a full agenda can be found at www.LPPAConvention.org.

“This promises to be the best LPPA convention in years,” said convention facilitator James Babb. “We have four great speakers: Larken Rose, Ben Stone, Carla Howell, and one of my personal favorites, Jim Bovard. Convention energy will be boosted considerably by the recent surge of interest in libertarianism that is sweeping our country.”

A welcome reception at 7pm Friday evening will feature LP Executive Director Carla Howell hosting the fun and informative game, “Who’s Driving?” In the game, created by Howell, the audience passes judgment on how well libertarian contestants have cut through customary big government blather to crystalize their positions on issues of interest to the audience.

The Saturday program opens at 8am with breakfast speaker Larken Rose, self-described tax heretic, social commentator and author. Rose challenges conventional thinking about our relationship with the government in surprising ways that inspire and entertain both principled libertarians and devout statists.

Luncheon speaker Ben Stone is host of the incredible “Bad Quaker” podcast. Ben’s homespun logic and down-to-earth explanations of economics and history will amuse and stretch minds. Washington Post columnist George Will has labeled keynote dinner speaker Jim Bovard, “a one-man truth squad.” The Wall Street Journal called Bovard, “the roving inspector general of the modern state.” The New York Times tagged him, “an anti-czar czar.” The provocative title of his talk is, “Libertarian Hooliganism: Having Fun Raising Hell for Freedom.”

Also on the agenda is party business such as officer elections, candidate nominations, as well as platform and bylaws changes. Hospitality suite discussions will extend the official sessions almost indefinitely both Friday and Saturday evenings.

The Libertarian Party is the party of principle. That principle is simply, “Live and let live.” With over a quarter million Americans registered Libertarian, it is the largest and best alternative for those who want smaller government and more freedom. Visit www.LP.org and www.LPPA.org for more information.

For additional information, visit: www.LPPAConvention.org or contact:

James Babb (Convention Facilitator) at 610-574-1222 or Convention@LPPA.org

Roy Minet (Media Relations Committee Chair) at Media-Relations@LPPA.org

James Fryman (LPPA Chair) at Chair@LPPA.org


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