Apr 26 2013

Green Party Candidate Platt hopes to garner at least 10% of votes in District 1 election

Source: The Post and Courier (via Independent Political Report)

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Post and Courier previously profiled all Republican and Democratic 1st Congressional District candidates. This profile is of the only third-party candidate in the race.



Compared with the major political party candidates seeking the 1st Congressional District seat, Green Party hopeful Eugene Platt is saying something different.

For instance, he not only is calling for nationalizing health care and ending overseas military entanglements, but he also says he’ll probably lose on May 7.

“To be candid, I’m not expecting to win this election,” he says, “but I’m not expecting to be embarrassed, either.”

Platt, 74, says he will not be embarrassed as long as he gets at least 10 percent of the vote against Republican former Gov. Mark Sanford and Democratic businesswoman Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

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