Apr 21 2013

Steve Scheetz, Candidate For LPPA Chair, Provides Analysis on Boston Marathon Shootings

Source: Independent Political Report

The tragic events in Boston have spawned many different opinions as to the how’s, the why’s, etc. However, most of the commentary has really missed the mark. Jay Mohr, for example blamed the “gun culture” for the bombing, before the “suspects” were caught and asked what their motivation was, right away it was the “gun culture.” Regarding the news coverage, there was a lot of focus on the violence and the damage of the aftermath, yet there was not a great deal of time given to the heroes who, after finishing the race, heard the bomb blast, and without thought for their own safety, waded into the danger area to help those who were injured. In this piece, I will discuss how it is that we actually do have a problem within our culture, but it is not guns.

What we witnessed in the Boston bombing was a symptom of the problem. The fact that Martial Law was declared, doors were kicked in, and people were removed from their homes at gunpoint was a symptom of the problem… Jay Mohr’s comment that it is a gun culture that caused the bombing was also a symptom of the problem. Does anyone know what the problem is? The problem is, in general, an overwhelming quantity of self-interest and the refusal to take responsibility for anything. The society, as a whole, is filled with too many people who are willing to rely on others to do jobs that they should be doing themselves!

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