Apr 17 2013

Jill Stein: We win 6 Pollie Awards!

Source: JillStein.org

The results are in, and together with our partners at Northwoods Advertising, we are proud to announce that our TV advertising campaigns have won not one, not two, but six prestigious Pollie Awards from the American Association of Political Consultants. All three of these ad campaigns were produced by the incredible folks at Northwoods Advertising with the intimate involvement of our campaign team, who supplied original scripts, concepts, images, and more.

Our controversy-producing TV ad, “Enough!,” which Google TV attempted to censor for calling American politics what they are, won a silver in the “Television” category, as well as bronzes in “Best Use of Humor” and “Best in Show.”

Our “Climate Storm” ad, produced in one day in response to Hurricane Sandy and the Obama-Romney chorus on fracking, Keystone XL, and Middle East oil policy, won a silver in “Best Use of Negative Contrast” as well as a bronze in “Best in Show.”

Our three-part “Most Important Color” ad campaign (aka “What Does Green Mean?”) won a bronze in “Best in Show.”

You can find below all three of these TV ad campaigns, seen by tens of millions of voters in almost every state across the country. You can also click here to see them.





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