Apr 16 2013

Gary Johnson, Libertarian Presidential Candidate: Americans are Fiscally Responsible, Socially Accepting

Source: Free & Equal

In this Free & Equal podcast, Gary Johnson and Christina Tobin meet again to discuss electoral reform, the Federal Reserve, the National Defense Authorization Act and more!

Gary Johnson, as the 2012 Libertarian Presidential candidate, received a record-breaking number of votes for a Libertarian campaign.

During the 2012 election, Gary Johnson came face-to-face with the unfairness and inequalities of the electoral system. Johnson succeeded in appearing on the ballot in 47 states. Because of his experience, Gary and Christina agree on the need to create a level playing field for all candidates.

Gary Johnson believes that “the majority of Americans are fiscally responsible and socially accepting”. Gary also believes that the youth are key to causing profound changes. Through the Our America Initiative, Johnson works to unite Americans to take back their government and tackle the problems of debt, war, civil liberties and more, to produce permanent results.

Gary Johnson has been invited to appear at the United We Stand Festival on June 22 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Please use social media to let him know you want him there!

Listen to the interview below or click HERE to listen in a new window.


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