Mar 29 2013

Americans Elect’s Peter Ackerman, Kahlil Byrd and Dan Winslow: Where Are They Now?

Source: Irregular Times (via Independent Political Report)

As you may recall, from 2010 to 2012 the Americans Elect corporation operated an effort to try and elect its own candidate for President of the United States via a privatized selection run by a corporate board. That effort failed dismally despite repeated national promotion due to the lack of interest and support of the American voters. Even as the corporation dissolved, Americans Elect told the country to expect that it would return and attempt to restart its old plan in some new form. But three of the corporation’s leaders show no public inclination to continue the Americans Elect mission.

Where is Americans Elect chairman, founder and primary funder Peter Ackerman? Giving speeches on the Arab Spring and otherwise staying out of sight.

Where is Americans Elect CEO Kahlil Byrd? Jumping ship to StudentsFirst, an advocacy organization promoting public school privatization that just like Americans Elect has been primarily funded by ultrarich private capital players, including (no surprise) Americans Elect player Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg employee and mouthpiece Douglas Schoen is now busy promoting Kahlil Byrd and StudentsFirst.

Where is Americans Elect’s former Secretary and legal adviser, Dan Winslow? Trying to run for a U.S. Senate nomination in the Republican party. He’s also busy defending his work with Americans Elect, with many questions coming from Massachusetts Republicans who wonder why he would work for an effort to elect someone other than a Republican in the 2012 presidential contest. Dan Winslow’s new answer is that he was a Romney supporter through the entire presidential campaign season, and that (in reporter Schira Schoenberg’s paraphrase) “the online nominating process was not meant to hurt Romney, but could have provided Romney with an alternative path to the ballot should Republicans have chosen another candidate.” According to this account, Winslow saw Americans Elect as a backup for Mitt Romney.


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