Mar 28 2013

Jill Stein: Do we keep moving forward? Or get stopped dead in our tracks?


Please read this important letter from Dr. Jill Stein . . .

Together, for the past two years, we’ve been hard at work, building a strong force of political resistance for people, peace and the planet. Now our hard-won gains are at serious risk.

We made history as an insurgent campaign, establishing the Green Party as the voice of political opposition to austerity, expanding war, climate collapse and the surveillance state. Now we’re building resistance through Green Campaign Schools (see picture at right), together with state Green parties in the midwest, northeast, northwest, southwest, and south. Already we’ve trained over 330 people to shake up the establishment by challenging corporate power in local and state elections.

And much more is in the works.

But now we face the “Audit From Hell,” as one former campaign manager has called it. Starting next month, six Federal Election Commission (FEC) auditors will descend on our three staff in our tiny Madison office for six weeks.

All publicly financed campaigns must go through the audit. But the process was set up by the two establishment parties for well-funded Democratic and Republican campaigns. It is not friendly to small, opposition campaigns like ours – exactly the kind of campaigns that desperately need public financing to open up our corrupt, corporate political system.

These audits can load small campaigns with debt, make future electoral runs next to impossible, and stop our momentum dead in its tracks.

Audits are much less of an issue for the big campaigns – the multi-billion dollar campaigns that have vast legal and accounting help to deal with the bureaucratic nightmare. We’ll never have that kind of safety net. But we can at least get ready with sufficient funds to maintain a strong office force and legal support team. Please contribute as much as you can, right now, to help our insurgent campaign survive an oppressive audit by the political establishment.

Cheri and I have big dreams for the Green Party. We’ve seen what one presidential campaign with limited resources can do to unite hundreds of thousands of people and to bring new energy and urgency to the green movement.

We must continue to build the voice of opposition to the corporate sponsored duopoly. We must continue to build the force for a Green New Deal for America, and to end perpetual war, Wall Street bailouts, tax breaks for the wealthy, and impending climate catastrophe.

We’ve never had more momentum than we have right now. And with your help, we will survive this arduous audit and carry on to fight the real battles ahead. Together we can turn the breaking point we face into the tipping point we need, to rescue the peaceful, just green future we deserve.

Thank you for making it so!

~ Dr. Jill Stein

P.S. Cheri and I have only begun to fight. And we hope that you have too. Your contribution will enable us to continue building this peaceful fight together. Donate now.


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