Mar 28 2013

Bob Barr Announces 2014 Return Bid For Congress As A Republican

Source: Bob Barr (via e-mail sent March 28)


This morning, I announced my return bid for Congress at Adventure Outdoors in Smyma, Georgia, one of the largest sporting goods retail stores in the southeast. I chose this location because the future success of businesses such as this depends on turning around federal policies that are strangling small businesses with red tape, high taxes and burdensome regulations.

I want to go to back to Congress because right now Congress needs leadership. Congress needs real experience and real results. Will you chip in $100, $50 or even just $25 right now and join me in returning our country to greatness?

During my tenure, we passed the first federal balanced budget in more than three decades in 1997. I also led the way in securing the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton and was the steward of legislation protecting Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

I want to lead the charge of returning to a smaller, more effective government; one that can perform its consitutionally-enumerated powers, help those truly in need, and then get out of the way. Will you join me and chip in $50 right now?

I can’t do this without you.

For Liberty,

Bob Barr
Candidate for Georgia’s 11th Congressional District


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