Mar 22 2013

South Dakota Secretary of State Expects Americans Elect to Still be on Ballot in 2014

Source: Ballot Access News

Even though South Dakota HB 1018 has been signed into law, and even though it goes into effect on July 1, the South Dakota Secretary of State thinks Americans Elect will still be on the 2014 ballot. The bill lets a party dissolve itself. However, the Secretary of State’s office feels that for the Americans Elect Party to have a state chair in place, the national party would need to amend its national bylaws and give the national party to power to appoint state chairs. Then, Americans Elect’s national office would need to actually appoint a South Dakota state chair, and then both the state chair and the national chair would need to sign notarized statements, requesting that the party go out of legal existence in South Dakota.

There is no more national office for Americans Elect, and apparently no more officers. The corporation has been dissolved. So, HB 1018 will probably have no effect on Americans Elect for 2014, and any voter is free to register into Americans Elect and run in its primary. However, access to the primary ballot of Americans Elect requires that the number of voters registered “Americans Elect” would need to increase, because a petition to put a legislative candidate on the primary ballot needs the signatures of 5 registered Americans Elect voters, and a statewide candidate needs 250 signatures.

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