Jan 21 2013

Member of Republican National Commitee Threatened with Removal Because He Was Listed as the Vice-Presidential Choice of Some Presidential Elector Candidates

Source: Ballot Access News

In November 2012, individuals in both Maine and California filed paperwork to make sure that write-ins for Ron Paul for President would be counted. Both states let a group of presidential elector candidates file as declared write-ins, and neither state requires permission from either the presidential candidate or the vice-presidential candidate that these electors are pledged to. Maine tallied 2,035 Ron Paul write-ins, which, of course, technically were in favor of the group of presidential elector candidates who had filed the paperwork.

The Maine filing said the presidential elector candidates were pledged to Mark Willis of Maine for vice-president. Willis, then and now, is a member of the Republican National Committee. Willis, like Paul, had nothing to do with the filing, but now some members of the Republican National Committee wish to expel him because he was listed as vice-presidential candidate. See this story. Thanks to Gene Berkman for the link.

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