Jan 15 2013

Libertarian Party: Accepting nominations for vacated position of secretary for the National Libertarian Committee

Source: Libertarian Party (via e-mail sent January 15)

Dear Libertarian,

After Ruth Bennett was elected to the Continental Elementary School District Board in Green Valley, Ariz., last fall, she found that she is no longer able to dedicate the time needed to fulfill her duties as secretary for the Libertarian National Committee. As such, she has resigned from her post. I wish to thank Ms. Bennett for all she has done for liberty.

I have appointed Dr. James Lark to serve as secretary pro tem. He will perform all required functions of the secretary until the LNC has selected a new secretary. My thanks to Dr. Lark for stepping up to the plate during this transitional period.

Dr. Lark has informed the LNC that he does not intend to seek the position on a permanent basis. He still remains a regional representative, and will only cast one vote on any LNC proceedings.

I intend for the LNC to select a new secretary as soon as possible. The process will be as follows:

We will be accepting self-nominations for secretary immediately, and nominations will close at midnight on Jan. 24, 2013 (Eastern).

Shortly thereafter, the secretary pro tem will submit a mail ballot to the LNC to vote for a new secretary. The mail ballot rules provide for a voting period of 10 days. If no nominee receives the required majority vote, we will proceed with the same basic procedure we use in convention — drop the lowest and vote again.

If you are interested in being considered for this position, please submit your nomination to Secretary@lp.org. Please note that all LNC members are expected to attend committee meetings 3–4 times a year held at locations around the country at their own expense.

My intent is that we have a new properly appointed secretary in place before our March 16 & 17 LNC meeting in Chicago.

As of today (Jan. 14, 2013), I have received self-nominations from David Blau of Massachusetts, Chuck Moulton of Virginia, and Gary Johnson of Texas (no relation to our 2012 presidential nominee).

Yours in liberty,

Geoffrey Neale
Chair, National Libertarian Party


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