Jan 07 2013

Mainstream Candidates in Washington, D.C., Struggle to Collect 3,000 Valid Signatures in Winter Weather

Source: Ballot Access News

Washington, D.C., holds a special election for city council-at-large on April 23. In special elections in Washington, for this office, parties don’t have nominees. Individuals who wish to appear on the ballot must collect 3,000 signatures during the period December 6 through January 23. This news story says that because it is winter, even well-known candidates are struggling with the petition requirement. Any registered voter can sign for any candidate, regardless of party affiliation.

Sixteen individuals have taken out blank petition forms. They include 13 Democrats, one Republican, one Green, and one independent. Each needs 3,000 signatures. If this were a regular election for this office, there would be a partisan primary, and to get on the ballot in that partisan primary, Democrats would need 2,000 signatures of party members; Republicans would need 296 signatures of party members; and Greens would need 41 signatures of party members.

The vacancy exists because former City council-at-large member Phil Mendelson resigned to become Chair of the City Council, which had become vacant because of another resignation.

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