Jan 05 2013

Reform Party Statement on the Fiscal Cliff

Source: Reform Party

Experts agree that falling off the Fiscal Cliff would send the American economy into a second recession. At the same time America cannot afford to borrow from other nations as the national debt is higher than the GDP. A balanced budget, that considers both returning the United States to sustainability and funding vital functions, is necessary to solve both issues.

The actions of the 112th Congress have done nothing to solve these problems. They have instead exacerbated the issues through partisan bickering and inaction. These troubles have led to a near shut down of the government on multiple occasions, and hamper growth necessary for an economic recovery.

It is now up to the 113th Congress to lead this nation. The Reform Party urges the 113th Congress to find a solution to America’s budget crisis, thus ending the threats of the Fiscal Cliff and the bankruptcy of our nation.


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