Dec 28 2012

National Archives Web Page Has Copies of Certificates of Ascertainment and also Certificates of Electoral College Vote

Source: Ballot Access News

The National Archives & Records Administration web page is posting copies of the 2012 Certificates of Ascertainment received from each state. This is a document that tells the total number of valid votes received by each candidate for presidential elector. The web page is also posting copies of each state’s electoral college vote, as the states submit them. See here.

The District of Columbia’s Certificate of Ascertainment appears faulty. It asserts that the only qualified presidential elector candidates were those pledged to President Obama, Mitt Romney, Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein. Actually, there were also three legally-qualified presidential elector candidates in D.C. pledged to Rocky Anderson, but the Certificate does not list them. Anderson was a declared write-in candidate in D.C.

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