Dec 23 2012

Grassroots Party is Once Again Minnesota’s Fourth Most Active Political Party

Source: Ballot Access News

The Grassroots Party, formed in Minnesota in 1986 to advocate marijuana law reform, appeared on the ballot in all Minnesota elections 1986 through 2000. In the years 1990 through 1994 it had more nominees on the ballot for federal and state office than any other Minnesota party besides the two major parties. After 2000 it ceased to appear on the ballot, and one of its founders joined the Green Party. See this wikipedia article about the Grassroots Party.

But, the Grassroots Party returned to the Minnesota ballot in 2010, for Governor. In 2012, it is the only party in Minnesota that ran a candidate both for President and for any congressional office. Its 2012 nominee for U.S. Senate, Tim Davis, polled over 1% of the vote, thus re-qualifying the party for some public funding.

However, the Grassroots Party is not ballot-qualified; Minnesota’s only ballot-qualified party besides the Democratic-Farmer-Labor and Republican Parties is the Independence Party, which hasn’t run anyone for President since 1996, when it supported Ross Perot and when its name was the Reform Party.

In 2012, Vermont’s ballot listed the United States Marijuana Party, for both Governor and U.S. Senator. However, this was not an actual organization, but the ballot label of Cris Ericson, who ran for both offices simultaneously. In 2010 she had appeared on the Vermont ballot with the label “United States Marijuana” for both Governor and U.S. Senator; and according to her web page, in 2014 she plans to again run for two offices simultaneously, but with the label “independent.” See her web page here. She had also run for two offices in 2004 with the “United States Marijuana” label and had run for two offices in 2006 and 2008 with the label “independent.”

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