Dec 12 2012

Maine Counts Write-ins for Ron Paul

Source: Ballot Access News

Maine is one of the few states in which a slate of presidential elector candidates, pledged to a write-in presidential candidate, can file for write-in status without the consent of the presidential candidate himself or herself. A group of presidential elector candidated pledged to Ron Paul filed, and Maine has now released the write-in totals. The write-in vote for Ron Paul last month was 2,035 votes, which is .29% of the total presidential vote.

Other write-in presidential candidates in Maine were Rocky Anderson, who received 62; and Jill Reed, who received 30. The four presidential candidates who were on the ballot were President Obama, Mitt Romney, Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein. Johnson received 9,352; Stein received 8,119.

California will also release a write-in total for Ron Paul, but has not done so yet. Chances are his California write-in total will be at least 25,000. Other declared write-in presidential elector slates in California are Stewart Alexander, Rocky Anderson, Steve Durham, Virgil Goode, James Harris, Sheila Tittle, and Jerry White.

New Hampshire doesn’t have a write-in declaration of candidacy procedure. However, the Secretary of State decided to tally the Ron Paul votes, and in that state, Paul was credited with 1,374 write-ins, which is .19% of the total vote cast for President.

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