Dec 05 2012

Green Party recognizes and welcomes Green Youth Caucus

Source: Green Party (

WASHINGTON, DC — The Green Party of the United States has recognized and accredited a Youth Caucus within the party.

“The Green Party Youth Caucus is here to amplify the voice of youth who are ready for a new politics,” said Ursula Rozum, Youth Caucus co-chair and recent Green Congressional candidate from Syracuse, New York. Read more »

Dec 05 2012

Gary Johnson: $800 Billion…or $800 Billion



Have you been watching the insanity in Washington about the so-called Fiscal Cliff?

If so, you are seeing the same thing I am: It is all a concoction by the status quo politicians to distract us from the REAL cliff we are headed for.

To listen to the politicians in both parties, you would believe this is all about taxes. Somehow, the nation is approaching financial calamity because the government isn’t getting enough of our money. Read more »

Dec 05 2012

Montana Green Party Launches Petition to Get Back on the Ballot

Source: Ballot Access News

The Montana Green Party has begun circulating the petition to regain party status. Montana was one of only three western states in which Jill Stein didn’t appear on the ballot last month. The petition needs 5,000 signatures. The Montana Green Party was on the ballot 2000-2004.

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