Nov 29 2012

2014 NY Libertarian Rumors

Source: Independent Political Report

It may be early but New York Libertarians are already talking about the 2014 race for Governor.

The 2012 Senate candidate, Chris Edes, has already announced his plans to seek the LP nomination for 2014, reflected in his Chris Edes for Governor page on Facebook. In public comments, Edes seems to feel his performance in the Senate race supports his candidacy. Critics note that Edes only got 28,000 votes, well short of the 50,000 needed for ballot status.

Another rumor is that Kristin Davis, the infamous Manhattan Madam, might seek the LP line. IPR has previously reported on Ms. Davis’ possible run for Mayor of NYC in 2013 on the Republican line. See also the 2013 Davis for Mayor website (which does not indicate a party line) and her Libertarian Lady website. It is apparent from these sites that she continues to work with GOP insider Roger Stone and his crony Andrew Miller. [Full disclosure: This author is currently suing Davis, Stone and Miller]

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