Nov 15 2012

Presidential Vote Totals So Far

Source: Ballot Access News

At least two states, Georgia and Wyoming, have released their official election returns for President (although Georgia hasn’t released write-in totals). A few other states have election web pages that continuously update, as more votes are counted; these states seem to be Alaska, Arizona, California, and Washington. Wyoming says there are 2,035 presidential write-ins, but the state web page doesn’t break them down.

When one combines the election night totals from the states not mentioned above with the totals for the states that are mentioned above, these are the minor party and independent presidential national vote totals so far:

Libertarian, Gary Johnson, 1,213,306
Green, Jill Stein, 432,296
Constitution, Virgil Goode, 118,551
Peace & Freedom, Roseanne Barr, 56,349
Justice, Rocky Anderson, 38,889
America’s Independent Party, Tom Hoefling, 33,509
independent Randall Terry, 12,986
independent Richard Duncan, 12,148
Party for Socialism and Liberation, Peta Lindsay and her stand-in, 9,138
Reform (three different presidential candidates together) 6,525
Will Christensen, Oregon Constitution Party, 4,283
Objectivist, Tom Stevens, 4,066
Socialist, Stewart Alexander, 3,946
Socialist Workers, James Harris, 3,868
Grassroots, Jim Carlson, 3,172
American Third Position, Merlin Miller, 2,833
We the People, Samm Tittle, 2,504
Twelve Visions, Jill Reed, 2,394
independent Jerry Litzel, 1,196
Socialist Equality, Jerry White, 1,130
Constitutional Government, Dean Morstad, 1,106
NSA Did 911, Jeff Boss, 907
Prohibition, Jack Fellure, 519

The Politico election returns web page, as of November 15, says that President Obama has 62,611,250 votes, and Mitt Romney has 59,134,475. Staff at Politico seem to be updating their totals as some states release new figures, and yet no one at that web page, as of November 15, has updated their totals to take account of the new, official figures from Georgia and Wyoming.

Among the parties that were on the ballot for president in both 2008 and 2012, the only ones that polled more votes in 2012 than in 2008 are the Republican, Libertarian, Green, Socialism & Liberation, Reform, and Objectivist Parties. Among those, the Libertarian, Socialism & Liberation, and Objectivist Parties polled their highest presidential vote totals ever, and it is very likely the Republican Party did as well, but that won’t be known for sure until all the votes are counted.

Current percentages are: Obama 50.61%, Romney 47.80%, all others 1.59% (of which Gary Johnson has .98%). In 2008, percentages were: Obama 52.93%, John McCain 45.65%, all others 1.42%.

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