Oct 26 2012

Idaho Joins the Ranks of States that Gather Data on How Many Registered Members Each Party Has

Source: Ballot Access News

Last year, Idaho passed its first procedure for voters to register into political parties. Twenty-nine other states, and the District of Columbia, also provide that voter registration forms ask the voter to choose a party affiliation (or independent status). The states then report the number of registered voters in each party, and the number of independent voters.

Idaho now has some registration data: Republican 196,271; Democratic 36,220; Libertarian 1,312; Constitution 548; independent 550,189. Idaho does not yet have any procedure to let voters register into unqualified parties. The 10th circuit, and the 2nd circuit, New Jersey state courts, and a U.S. District Court, have ruled that states must let voters register into unqualified parties that are active enough to place their nominees on the ballot. Because the Green Party and the Justice Party each qualified their presidential nominees for the Idaho ballot this year, they have a plausible claim that Idaho ought to let voters register into those two parties as well, even though they are not qualified parties.

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