Sep 18 2012

Libertarian Party of Michigan Again Asks Sixth Circuit to Rule that Presidential Primaries Do Not Implicate “Sore Loser” Laws

Source: Ballot Access News

On September 17, the Libertarian Party of Michigan filed this brief in the 6th circuit, in Libertarian Party of Michigan v Johnson, 10-2175. This is the original case, filed to get former Governor Gary Johnson on the ballot. The 6th circuit already refused to issue an injunction, halting ballot-printing. This brief gets to the merits of the case, and asks that the Sixth Circuit rule that presidential primaries are not the kind of primary that “sore loser” laws apply to, and also asks that former Governor Johnson’s name, along with the party’s vice-presidential nominee and its presidential electors, be put on the ballot or recognized as legitimate candidates for whom votes will be counted. UPDATE: the Sixth Circuit will request a quick response from the Secretary of State.

Also on September 17, a U.S. District Court in the “other” Michigan Libertarian presidential ballot access case canceled the hearing set for September 18, and ruled that the case to get Gary Johnson of Texas on the ballot (assuming the first case doesn’t win) has procedural problems that forego relief. That case is Gelineau v Ruth Johnson.

Also in the meantime, the U.S. Supreme Court still hasn’t made a ruling either way in the original case, which asks the Court to either halt ballot-printing, or simply order Michigan to print Governor Johnson on the ballot.

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