Sep 10 2012

Mississippi Secretary of State Recognizes the Shawn O’Hara Faction of the Reform Party

Source: Ballot Access News

Mississippi ballots will print Barbara Dale Washer on the ballot as the Reform Party presidential nominee. She is the choice of the faction of the Mississippi Reform Party that is headed by Shawn O’Hara. The choice of the Reform Party’s national convention for President, Andre Barnett, will thus not appear on the Mississippi ballot. Barnett will appear in one state, Florida.

Here is a link to the Secretary of State’s list of candidates. However, it does not yet show which independent presidential candidates will appear. The deadline for the independent presidential petition was September 7, yet the web page has not been updated since before that date.

The Democratic Party has U.S. House nominees in two of the state’s four districts, but the Reform Party has nominees for U.S. House in all four districts. There are also two Libertarians running for U.S. House, and one Constitution Party nominee for U.S. House.

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