May 29 2012

icPurple SuperPAC Looks to Spend Major Money Backing Viable Independent Candidates

Source: Independent Political Report

Ted Waitt is the founder of Gateway and a notable Independent who has created the icPurple SuperPAC in an effort to help fund Independent political campaigns which are winnable. He has seeded the organization with $300,000 to start running ads in some key races for Independent candidates.

A new SuperPAC has been formed to support independent candidates around the country, including Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher’s for San Diego mayor and Chad Condit’s bid for Congress. The group, named icPurple, presents itself as the first SuperPAC dedicated to the promotion of centrist and moderate candidates running with no party affiliation.

Fletcher and Condit are two of five candidates that icPurple has committed to backing. The others are former Governor Angus King, running for US Senate in Maine, Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks, running for Congress, and Chad Walsh, who is running a campaign to enter the California state house.

Chad Condit is the son of a former Democratic Congressman from California, Gary Condit.

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